March 31, 2017

Nokas-raner og Bandidos-profil tiltalt for drapsplanlegging

Betew ble dømt til 16 års forvaring med en minstetid på ti år for Nokas-ranet i Stavanger i 2004, men ble løslatt i oktober 2014 etter avgjørelse i Høyesterett. I august 2015 ble han pågrepet på nytt, siktet for alvorlige narkotikaforbrytelser, ransforbund og drapsforbund.

Betew er ifølge NRK nå tiltalt for å ha gitt den tidligere Bandidos-toppen Lars Harnes i oppdrag å drepe den heleridømte Imran Saber (38), ofte kalt «Onkel Skrue» og David Toskas «finansminister». De to skal ifølge tiltalen ha skaffet seg tilgang til parkeringsanlegget ved Sabers leilighet, og ha overvåket hans bevegelser forut for drapsforsøket.

Harnes ble pågrepet sammen 2015 i garasjeanlegget der Imran Saber bodde i Oslo.
Betew er en barndomskamerat av Imran Saber og nekter for å ha vært med på å planlegge å drepe ham.

Norway - NRK.

Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs

Before a person can begin to understand the importance of an Outlaw Motorcycle Club (OMCs), they must understand what that is. An Outlaw Motorcycle Club is a very unique societyof very few men who choose to be a part of something bigger than themselves and a brotherhood beyond any that cannot be found elsewhere. Its origin and structure evolved from the Military many years ago, utilizing the leadership structure and rank system. Furthermore, there is a very unique few who make up the 1% er Outlaw Motorcycle Club community. Clubs such as the Bandidos, Hells Angels, Outlaws, Pagans, Mongols, and Sons of Silence are all a part of the 1%er Motorcycle Club community.
The 1 % er designation was labeled by the AMA (American Motorcycle Association) back in 1947 in a statement they wrote for their magazine, stating that 99% of motorcycle riders were law abiding citizens and that only 1% were criminals (“AMA 1947”).

The earliest form of Outlaw was Jesus Christ himself, it’s because Jesus didn’t fit into the religious mold, or the government mold like the other 99% of society. Jesus and his followers were the 1% that didn’t “bow down” to the worlds ways. They were in the world, but not of the world.  Jesus was an outlaw, but he was not a criminal. 
Being an “outlaw” doesn’t mean you are a criminal; it just means you don’t conform to the world system or its leaders and its officers. Many people will disagree with the importance of Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs. This is largely due to the lack of understanding and positive exposure to what these clubs do for our communities and some will dispute the negative claims while maintaining the integrity of their beliefs of the OMCs. 

Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs date as far back as post World War II era when soldiers came home longing for continued brotherhood. They have always played a major role in urban cities social culture. Their existence, although grotesque to some, has always served their communities in a positive light. The actions of individuals at times are spotlighted by the media, which often is government driven, to gain support for banning identifying patches (also known as colors) of the OMCs. For example, the U.S.’s ATF agency tried to ban the Mongols Motorcycle Club’s patches in 2013. However, it would have broken the First Amendment rights of the club (Girardot).  

The Government wanted to ban the club from being able to wear their patches publically, due to a few incidents of select individuals who are most likely not in the club anymore, since Clubs often police their own. OMCs all follow strict guidelines or bylaws which consist of their rules and regulations. If a member disobeys these rules, they can be punished by being stripped of their patches then banned from the club. It is possible the Government is afraid of these clubs around the U.S., because of their open display of unity and commitment. They are men willing to stand their ground, even against the court system, to fight for rights, as a whole. These men are veterans, fathers, husbands, brothers, sons, and uncles. The rights they fight to protect are the same rights that affect non club members, other motorcycle riders, as well as, the general public.

There are many positive examples of these OMCs, that many only see in a negative light.One such positive example was the Hells Angels Toy run of 2015, where the club gathered funds that had been raised throughout the year to purchase a large number of bicycles (“Hells Angels Toys 2015”). They waited in line at Walmart for 5 days to catch the Black Friday sale and bought every bike in stock, roughly 200 bikes, in order to give bicycles to children whose families were too poor to purchase them themselves. Acts like this one can be seen throughout the United States by clubs of all levels. Clubs range from Christian Clubs, Veteran Clubs, Support Clubs, and OMC’s. All of which contain some of the biggest-hearted men and women one could ever meet. These are the types of people who manage fundraisers for burn victims, families who have lost their homes, children with special needs, and even the elderly.

Make no mistake, these Clubs are not the Boy Scouts; they abide by a strict code and rules of the road protocol (Devereaux). At times incidents can occur by the acts of individuals that belong to these organizations. These incidents are often made to be more serious than they really are, and some are no worse than the crimes committed by the arresting authority or an average civilian. On May 17th of 2015 in Waco, Texas, men and woman from all clubs throughout the state of Texas gathered for a Coalition of Clubs meeting, which is to educate riders both independent and Patch holders within clubs of current laws and policies that may or may not affect them. It is also a social gathering amongst riders, and information is commonly shared about upcoming events and benefits.

On this day, shots rang out, leaving nine people dead and another eighteen wounded. According to Brian Doherty, who writes for GQ, a grand total of 177 individuals were wrongfully arrested. To this day, it has yet to be proven that the gunfight that broke out started with shots fired from club members, and no police officer has been charged with illegitimate arrest or excessive force. Reports indicate that the first couple of shots were small arms fire, and the rest that followed were all automatic weapons, but no one has been able to identify the first shooter (Doherty).

Everyone present that day was arrested, including both civilians and members of Motorcycle Ministries, all of which are innocent and spent a great deal of time in jail with extremely high bails. An interview was conducted by KXANS Brian Collister with Bandido Jimmy Graves, who is the Coalition of Clubs President in Waco, where he expressed the Bandidos recognize and respect law enforcement for doing their job, that they do not condone the violence portrayed upon them (“Bandidos”).  “To get the story crooked is to understand that the “straightness” of any story is a rhetorical invention: a story told from a particular perspective, informed by specific trainings told for a particular reason, to serve particular purposes. History is at best a reasoned report on the documented sources of the past” (Kellner 18).

Members of Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs are professionals; they may not look like professionals by some individuals’ standards, because they are bikers. Despite the positive actions of club members, the media still portrays them in a negative light by focusing on the bad behavior of a few; for this reason alone, bad behavior and negative publicity is not condoned by clubs or members. The 1%er clubs often police the activities of the clubs within their area to ensure they are “behaving” accordingly and following protocol within the community of clubs. If they do not do this, then there is the possibility of individuals creating negative chaos in the area in which they reside, causing the local law enforcement to crack down on all bikers and provoke unlawful use of force.

In turn, the 1%er Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs are protecting the local community in which they reside by protecting all bikers and keeping the negative activities to a minimum. If more individuals would spend time amongst these men, they would see, with their own eyes, the good they do for the community, and all of the charity events along with donations raised to help people in need. They would also see the love and the brotherhood shared by the members of these Clubs as well as the bonds from club to club. These men are the kind of men filled with passion to fight to make things like brotherhood and sisterhood possible by protecting an individual’s rights and protecting people in need, helping friends and strangers alike, standing tall for freedom, love, loyalty, respect, and trust. In which they believe, in a very powerful and sometimes intimidating force.

Similar to a battalion of soldiers on the battlefield who have gone to fight and protect what they believe to be right. While protecting these rights, they provide a blanket of freedom for others to sleep under. A positive impression from an experience in this community could help to spread a positive influence throughout our society. This influence would encourage society to stand together to help others in need, even those who are members of Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs.  

Old School Heart Blog

Police: Victim resisted gang

A 38-year-old man gunned down in his Grand Junction trailer earlier this month had moments earlier been arguing with his alleged attackers and telling them he did not want to join their outlaw motorcycle club, witnesses told police.

One witness told officers that Dion Nixon was frustrated with accused shooters Richard Byrd and Rufus Billups, and that during the confrontation, Nixon drew and fired a handgun himself as his attackers opened fire and fatally wounded him, according to arresting documents recently unsealed by a Mesa County district judge.

Byrd, a 48-year-old Fruita man who prosecutors believe is the local chapter president of outlaw motorcycle club the Sin City Deciples, and Billups, 41, of Grand Junction, face first-degree murder and felony menacing charges in Nixon’s death.

Officers who responded to the shooting at a home in the trailer park at 489 28 1/4 Road about 9:15 p.m. March 15 found Nixon on the living room floor with gunshot wounds to his head and abdomen, according to affidavits for both men’s arrest.

Nixon was taken to St. Mary’s Hospital, where he later died of his injuries. A revolver was on the bedroom floor and a bullet lay on the kitchen table, the report said. Nixon’s girlfriend was in the home, along with a 21-year-old man and three children. The woman, whose ex-husband police believe is affiliated with the Sin City Deciples, said shortly before the shooting she was on the phone with Billups, who was trying to convince Nixon to join the motorcycle gang, the affidavit said.
“She said she handed the phone to Dion and (he) engaged in a heated discussion with Rufus over this, advising he didn’t want anything to do with the motorcycle gang,” the affidavit said.

The woman said she called Billups back after the phone call ended and told him to “leave Dion alone.” While she was on the phone, she heard Nixon, Billups and Byrd arguing.

Another witness who was inside the trailer told police he could see Nixon on the porch arguing with other men whom he couldn’t see.
“He said (Nixon) stepped back in the front door,” the report said. “(The witness) said he heard a gunshot, then saw (Nixon) getting pissed off and saw him pull a handgun from his waistband. He said (Nixon) opened the front door and fired the gun. …. Immediately there were multiple shots fired at the residence, striking the residence and debris flying everywhere.”

From another room in the trailer, Nixon’s girlfriend was still on the phone when she heard shots and told children in the house to get down, the report said. A neighbor also reported hearing arguing in the street before several gunshots were fired, the report said.

Both Byrd and Billups were arrested the next morning without incident and remain in custody without bond.

The Sin City Deciples Motorcycle Club — which intentionally misspells its name — is considered a “one percenter” outlaw organization, according to Mesa County District Attorney Dan Rubinstein and Grand Junction police spokeswoman Heidi Davidson. The FBI’s 2015 National Gang Report describes the group as a primarily black gang with male-only membership.

It’s not clear how long the organization has had a presence in the Grand Valley, but the organization has ties throughout Colorado. Four members of the club were arrested and charged after the shooting death of a 31-year-old man in 2012 at the group’s Colorado Springs clubhouse, according to The Gazette in Colorado Springs.


Notorious biker gang opens new Hells Angels chapter in Lower Mainland

For the second time in five years, the Hells Angels are expanding their presence in B.C. by opening a new chapter. The notorious biker gang recently celebrated the launch of its Hardside chapter with a party on St. Patrick’s Day, Postmedia News has learned.

And on the Hells Angels’ international website, a “welcome to the family” note was recently posted for B.C.’s newest chapter. Hardside was formed after the Haney chapter split into two groups in February. But other Hells Angels from some of the gang’s other B.C. chapters have also “patched-over” to Hardside.

Sgt. Brenda Winpenny of the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit said the CFSEU’s uniformed team first noticed the new Hardside patch while out working in the community.
“As far as we are concerned in terms of the intelligence we have gotten so far, it is a reconfiguration of members,” she said. “They have been subject to civil-forfeiture action and those types of things recently. They have come to the point where they are reconfiguring and rebranding.”

A long-running legal battle between the B.C. Director of Civil Forfeiture and three Hells Angels chapters over the ownership of their clubhouses is expected to go to trial in May. Winpenny said there are now 121 Hells Angels members provincewide, which is up from about 100 just three years ago.

The expansion has happened despite increased enforcement by police in recent years. Two Kelowna Hells Angels were recently convicted in a major cocaine-conspiracy case. One of them, David Giles, will be sentenced Friday in B.C. Supreme Court. Winpenny said the CFSEU is “working hard” gathering both intelligence and combating biker organized crime in B.C.

So far, police don’t know where in the Lower Mainland Hardside will be based or whether it will open its own clubhouse. The last new Hells Angels’ chapter, called West Point, opened in 2012 and was supposed to be based in Surrey. But when Surrey RCMP said they would crack down on any attempt by the Hells Angels to open a clubhouse in the city, the gang started meeting weekly at a Langley pub instead.

Hells Angels spokesman Rick Ciarniello didn’t respond to a request for comment.

Support sticker for new Hells Angels “Hardside” chapter

Hardside is the 10th Hells Angels chapter opened in B.C. since the biker gang moved into the province on July 25, 1983. Retired Vancouver police biker cop Brad Stephen said that in his view, the latest split resulted from a differing approach to being a Hells Angel between old-timers and generally younger members.

The splinter group “needs to maintain their dominant overt presence in the underworld while more traditional, old-school Hells Angels are more resistant to that sort of an image or a presence in the community,” Stephen said. It has happened before in B.C. In the mid-2000s, some younger members of the East End Vancouver chapter broke away to join the Nomads. And then in 2012, the Langley-based White Rock chapter splintered with younger members forming West Point.

In many cases, old-guard bikers don’t want to draw attention to themselves, while younger, more-active Hells Angels feel they have to be seen in public to compete with other B.C. gangs, he said.
“They still all want to be Hells Angels in the same sandbox. They just have a different take on … how the Hells Angels should be seen in the underworld.”

Stephen believes B.C. Hells Angels today are less territorial than they were 10 or 20 years ago. That’s why the new chapters don’t take a city’s name.
“Hells Angels have evolved from being territorial to being freelancers wherever the market takes them. And they have to progress and adapt to the ever-changing criminal market and how the police conduct their business as well,” he said. “The police have become more collaborative and now the Hells Angels have to adapt and go to where the market takes them.”

Canada - BN.

Hells Angels to ride Saturday in honour of slain Sooke prospect: police

B.C.’s anti-gang police say that up to 200 people, including full-patch Hells Angels members, could ride on Vancouver Island this weekend in honour of a prospect murdered earlier this month.

Sooke man Michael Gregory Widner, 39, went missing earlier this month, and his remains were discovered days later along the Pacific Marine route near Port Renfrew. RCMP later confirmed that Widner had known connections to the motorcycle gang and that his death was being investigated as a homicide.

B.C. members of the Hells Angels are shown riding their motorcycles in this undated file photo. (CTV Vancouver Island)

B.C.’s Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit says the memorial ride is expected to take place Saturday afternoon. Riders will start in Nanaimo and end up at a known Hells Angels clubhouse on Spencer Road in Langford.

CFSEU-BC says activity at the home has been quiet recently, but it’s still considered a gang lair.
Rides like this are as much about reminding the public and rivals that the gang is around as they are about paying respects to the deceased, according to CFSEU-BC.

They say Mounties and gang unit members will monitor the ride from start to finish, ensuring public safety. Motorists travelling on the Island Highway should expect delays Saturday afternoon due to the ride, CFSEU-BC said.

Canada - BN.

Hamburger Hells Angels Gründer gestorben

Er war der „Mann fürs Grobe“: Mario Amtmann (65) gehörte zur ersten Hells Angels Rocker Riege, die in den frühen 1970er Jahren auf Hamburgs Straßen für Aufsehen sorgte und Angst und Schrecken verbreitete. Erst als Bloody Devils, später als Hells Angels. Am Sonntag hat der Rocker seinen letzten Kampf verloren – er starb in einem Krankenhaus in Schleswig-Holstein.

Anfang der 70er Jahre gab es in Hamburg schon einige Motorrad-Gangs. Die meisten waren harmlos. Nicht so die „Bloody Devils“. Ihre Devise: Erst zuschlagen, dann fragen. Das galt auch für Mario Amtmann. Mit seinem Freund Rainer Kopperschmidt führte er die „Teufel“ an. 1971 gründeten sie dann das erste deutsche Charter der Hells Angels – nachdem Kopperschmidt in die USA gereist war und die Ur-„Höllenengel“ um Erlaubnis gefragt hatte.

Schnell avancierten die Rocker zu einer der mächtigsten Banden in Hamburg. Eine ihrer ersten Maschen: Sie gingen in Kneipen, verwüsteten das Mobiliar, urinierten an den Tresen, prügelten wahllos auf Gäste ein. Insbesondere in der Schanze, wo die Rocker ihr Vereinslokal, das Angels Place, eröffneten, terrorisierten sie die örtlichen Wirte, kassierten monatlich bis zu 10.000 Mark Schutzgeld. Wer die „Wegbleibgebühr“ nicht zahlte, bekam „Besuch“. Mehrfach rasten die Rocker mit ihren Motorrädern mitten in die Kneipen.

1983 holte die Polizei zum Gegenschlag aus. Großrazzia mit 500 Beamten. Die Hells Angels und ihre Symbole wurden in Hamburg verboten. Doch der große Prozess endete mit einem Flop. Die Rocker schüttelten sich kurz, saßen ein paar Knastjahre ab und zogen dann auf dem Kiez und dem Straßenstrich die Fäden.

Erpressung, Drogenhandel, Prostitution, Waffenschmuggel – das kriminelle Betätigungsfeld der Rocker wurde breiter – und der Einfluss immer größer. Immer dabei: Mario Amtmann, der sich als „Vereinschef“ um Ausflüge kümmerte, als „Sergeant at Arms“ der Mann fürs Grobe war oder auch als Vize-Präsident den Hells Angels ewige Treue schwor.

Für Schlagzeilen sorgt ein blutiger Überfall im April 1973: Amtmann soll mit sieben Kollegen den Tankwart, Ex-Rocker und Kirchenhelfer Dieter König (20) im Partykeller der Apostelkirche in Eimsbüttel verprügelt und schließlich erstochen haben. Über den Grund gibt es mehrere Spekulationen: Zum einen hieß es, König soll einen „Hupenring“ eines „Angel“-Autos gestohlen haben. Aber auch Streitigkeiten über den Einlass in den Partykeller könnten der Auslöser gewesen sein.

Sieben Jahre später starb auf Sylt ein Disco-Chef unter den Stichen mehrerer Hells Angels.
Noch bis in die frühen 2000er war Amtmann als Vize Presi tätig, bevor ihn eine Erkrankung dazu zwang, sich nach 37 Jahren aus den Geschäften zurückzuziehen. „Mario war Teil der deutschen Rockergeschichte. Mit ihm hat sich ein langjähriger Freund aus frühester Jugend verabschiedet. Ich bin sehr, sehr traurig“, so Kiez-Urgestein Karl-Heinz Schwensen.

Amtmann starb aus bisher unbekannten Gründen am Sonntag in einem Krankenhaus in Schleswig-Holstein. Zu seiner Beerdigung wird das ganze „Höllenengel“-Regiment erwartet. Der Termin dafür ist noch nicht bekannt.

Germany - MOPO.

Aygün Mucuk Familie setzt Belohnung aus

Die Familie des ermordeten Hells Angels Rocker Boss Aygün Mucuk hat für Hinweise, die zur Ergreifung der Täter führen, eine Belohnung von 25 000 Euro ausgesetzt. Die Summe wird fällig, wenn die Mörder gefasst und rechtskräftig verurteilt werden. »Wir erhoffen uns, dass diese hohe Summe mögliche Mitwisser oder Zeugen dazu ermutigt, mit den LKA-Beamten Kontakt aufzunehmen«, sagte Aygün Mucuks Vater Aytekin Mucuk am Donnerstag gegenüber dieser Zeitung. Das Geld sei auf einem Sonderkonto hinterlegt. Nach Aussagen des Vaters handelt es sich dabei um Privatvermögen der Familie. »Wir haben zusammengelegt«, sagte Aytekin Mucuk. »Wir wollen, dass die Täter gefasst werden. Dass sie ihre gerechte Strafe bekommen und wir endlich mit dieser Sache abschließen können. Das Geld soll Anreiz sein, dass jemand die Täter verrät.«

Der mit dem Fall betraute Staatsanwalt Thomas Hauburger wollte sich auf GAZ-Anfrage nicht zu den neuen Entwicklungen äußern. Insgesamt beläuft sich die Belohnung nun auf 35 000 Euro. 10 000 Euro hatte die Staatsanwaltschaft bereits ausgesetzt.

Aygün Mucuk war am 7. Oktober des vergangenen Jahres auf dem Clubgelände der Hells Angels MC Giessen in Wißmar erschossen worden. Die Ermittler gehen davon aus, dass die tödlichen Schüsse von zwei Tätern abgegeben wurden. Bei der ZDF-Sendung »Aktenzeichen XY ungelöst« hatte Staatsanwalt Hauburger gemeinsam mit einem Beamten vom LKA unlängst die Modelle zweier Waffen präsentiert, mit denen Mucuk umgebracht worden sein soll. Die Beamten gehen davon aus, dass der Rockerboss durch 17 Schüsse aus zwei unterschiedlichen Waffen getötet wurde: Aus einer umgebauten Handfeuerwaffe – Kaliber 7,65 Millimeter – sowie aus einer Maschinenpistole des Herstellers »Vugrek«. Die Beamten setzten darauf, dass vor allem die Präsentation der letztgenannten Waffe neue Hinweise liefert, da sie oft in einer auffälligen Transporttasche verkauft werde, die in der Szene als »Schweinchen« bezeichnet wird. Die Beamten hoffen, dass sich Zeugen melden, die so eine Waffe an- oder verkauft oder eine Weitergabe beobachtet haben.

Da das Opfer Chef der Gießener Hells Angels war, rechnet man bei der Staatsanwaltschaft mit möglichen Sorgen bei potenziellen Zeugen. Deshalb sollen Hinweise auch weiterhin anonym gegeben werden können. Unter der Telefonnummer 0611/838383 können sich Zeugen beim Landeskriminalamt melden.

Germany - GA

Prozess gegen Türkische Hells Angels in Köln

Auftakt im Prozess gegen den Rocker Vize-Präsident der Hells Angels C-Town und  sieben Rocker Brüder (22 bis 26). Es geht um brutale Revierkämpfe der Rocker in Köln, die Bildung einer kriminellen Vereinigung und sogar einen versuchten Mord.

Freundlich begrüßt Serkan A. seine Anwälte Martin Bücher und Carsten Rubarth, antwortet dann höflich auf die Fragen der Richterin nach seinen Personalien. Im Zuschauerraum sitzen seine Eltern, der kleine Bruder, die Verlobte, Rocker Kumpel. Fast wie ein Familientreffen: Begrüßungsrufe und Klatschen für ihn und die anderen Angeklagten.

Starke Sicherheitsvorkehrungen sind angeordnet. Es wurde ein Kuttenverbot verhängt. Auf mehr als 300 Seiten sind die Vorwürfe der Anklage aufgelistet:Bildung einer kriminellen Vereinigung.

Mit anderen habe sich Serkan A. ab Ende August 2014 als eigenständiges Charter der Hells Angels zusammengeschlossen. „Gründungsmitglied“ war auch der Mitangeklagte Engin K. (26). Serkans Bruder Erkan A. (30) ist Präsident.

Auch Erkan A. soll an den Taten beteiligt gewesen sein. Doch er sitzt nicht auf der Anklagebank. Er hat sich inzwischen in die Türkei abgesetzt.

Die Staatsanwältin schildert, worin sie die Bildung einer kriminellen Vereinigung sieht: „Die Gruppe errang im Verlauf des Jahres 2015 eine Vormachtstellung in Köln unter Begehung zum Teil erheblicher Straftaten. Sie betrachteten das linksrheinische Köln als ihr Revier.“

Geschäfte der Mitglieder seien unter den Schutz der Gruppe gestellt worden, „die bis zu Tötungsdelikten das Revier und die Geschäfte der einzelnen Mitglieder verteidigt“.

So setzten sich demnach die C-Town Rocker erst gegen die Hells Angels Cologne durch. Prügelten auf Mitglieder ein, schossen auf deren Wohnungen.  Auch als sich im Dezember 2014 ein neues Charter in einem Bistro gründen wollte, fielen Schüsse. „So wollten sie die Ansiedlung in Köln verhindern.“

Einem befreundeten Wirt eilten die Rocker laut Anklage im März 2015 zu Hilfe. Fußballfans hatten in der Shisha-Bar „Hangover“ die Zeche prellen wollen. Der Wirt bat Serkan A. um Hilfe. „Durch sein Eingreifen waren in einem Zeitfenster von knapp 25 Minuten mehrere Unterstützer aus der Gruppe in der Bar.“

Nach einem Einbruch in die Bar „Hangover“, die Treffpunkt der Rocker war, sei es dann im November 2015 sogar zu einem Tötungsdelikt gekommen.

C-Town-Präsident Erkan A. und andere Rocker sollen erfahren haben, dass die angeblichen Einbrecher sich in der Nacht vom 19. auf den 20. November in der Gaststätte „No Name“ aufhielten. Schüsse fielen, ein Mann starb. Seitdem tauchten Erkan A. und sein Kumpel Ibrahim K. unter.

„Seitdem leitete Serkan A. das Charter“, so die Staatsanwältin. Den „Exil-Präsidenten“ hätten die Rocker mehrfach besucht und in der Türkei mit Geld versorgt. Auch jetzt sei das für Serkan und die anderen in Haft sitzenden Rocker so.

Bis zu 2200 Euro Schutzgeld im Monat – so die Anklage – zahlten die Betreiber einer Bar auf der Aachener Straße an Serkan A.

Doch dann kürzte der Clubchef die Zahlungen. Da soll Serkan A. ihn bedroht haben: „Dein Laden wird kaputt gehen.“ Gut zwei Wochen später zogen Hells Angels im Februar 2015 vor der Bar auf, feuerten auf die Glastür.

Weil er unter Verdacht des Dieseldiebstahls stand, sollen Serkan und Erkan A. dann einen Mann in einer Firma am Eifeltor bedroht haben. Der bestritt den Vorwurf, soll geschlagen worden sein: „Er ging stark blutend zu Boden und verlor das Bewusstsein.“

Am 16. Juni 2015 verletzten wohl die Rocker an einem Büdchen am Kölnberg den Sohn des Büdchenchefs, seinen Bruder und die Mutter durch Schüsse schwer. Die Staatsanwältin: „Im Vorfeld war es zu Differenzen hinsichtlich der Geschäfte in der Drogenszene dort gekommen.“

Die Rocker hätten dort 20 000 Euro Schutzgeld pro Monat kassiert. Der Sohn habe sich da „nachteilig“ eingemischt.

„Es bestand aus ihrer Sicht Veranlassung, ihn anzugreifen, um das Fehlverhalten zu ahnden und Dritte abzuschrecken. Sie wollten die illegale Einkommensquelle erhalten und aus übersteigertem Ehr- und Revierbewusstsein klarstellen, dass sich niemand an ihnen vorbei am Kölnberg betätigen durfte.“

Da sollen sie die Brüder unter dem Vorwand eines Gesprächs aus dem Büdchen gelockt haben. Dort lauerten offenbar schon die Rocker, taktisch aufgeteilt in drei Gruppen, die auf ihren Einsatz warteten. Die Anklage: „Erkan A. begrüßte ihn durch freundschaftliches Schulterklopfen. Einer Gefahr war sich das Opfer nicht bewusst.“

Doch schon nach einem kurzen Gespräch schlug Erkan A. ihm mit einem Messer in den Nacken. Eine Prügelei, dann schossen die Rocker auf die Brüder und auch die Mutter, die aus dem Kiosk gelaufen war. Die Brüder mussten auf der Intensivstation versorgt werden, auch die Mutter wurde schwerverletzt.

Die Opfer hätten keine Chance zur Flucht gehabt. Denn die Rocker hätten das Gelände so gesichert, dass die Brüder nicht heraus und niemand herein kam. Außerdem geht es in dem Verfahren auch um Marihuanaplantagen. Deshalb wird auch in einem weiteren Prozess schon gegen acht Männer verhandelt.

40 Minuten lang verlas die Staatsanwältin die Anklage. Die angeklagten Rocker schwiegen am Montag beim Prozessbeginn. Sie ließen durch ihre Anwälte erklären, dass sie keine Angaben machen werden. Auch gegenüber einem zu beauftragenden psychiatrischen Sachverständigen wollen sie sich nicht äußern.

Die Staatsanwältin gab zu bedenken: Angesichts der Vielzahl der schwerwiegenden Straftaten könne für Serkan A. sogar Sicherungsverwahrung ins Gespräch kommen. Dann sei ein Sachverständiger zu beteiligen.

Bisher sind 61 Verhandlungstage bis zum 21. Dezember angesetzt. 149 Zeugen sind geladen, vier Sachverständige sollen gehört werden.

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Hells Angels vs. Bad Kreuznach

Quartieren sich die Hells Angels in Bad Kreuznach ein? Das Bahnhofsgelände im Stadtteil Bad Münster wird versteigert. Die Rockergruppe soll Interesse an dem alten Gebäude haben. Die Stadt Bad Kreuznach will nun mitbieten.

Hells Angels auf ihren Motorrädern
Wollen die Hells Angels im alten Bahnhof ein Clubheim einrichten?

Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg ist ein Stadtteil von Bad Kreuznach. Nun wird dort der alte Bahnhof versteigert. Laut einer Internet-Anzeige liegt das Mindestgebot für das Gebäude aus der Zeit des Jugendstils bei 79.000 Euro. Nach Angaben des Verkäufers ist der ehemalige Gaststättenbereich noch voll möbliert und steht leer. Die Versteigerung findet am Freitagnachmittag statt. Bislang hatte die Stadt Bad Kreuznach kein Interesse an dem alten Bahnhof, doch das hat sich inzwischen geändert.

Neuer Sitz der Hells Angels?

Bürger hatten die Stadt Bad Kreuznach darüber informiert, dass die Rockergruppe Hells Angels an dem Gebäude interessiert sei. Das sorgt für Unruhe, denn die Hells Angels werden auch immer wieder mit Drogengeschäften, Gewaltdelikten und anderen Straftaten in Zusammenhang gebracht.

Versteigerung am Nachmittag

Daher will die Stadt bei der Versteigerung des Bahnhofsgebäudes mitbieten. Das hat der Stadtrat nach Angaben von Oberbürgermeisterin Heike Kaster-Meurer (SPD) am Donnerstagabend in einer nichtöffentlichen Sitzung beschlossen. Zuvor hatte Kaster-Meurer das noch abgelehnt und von dem Bahnhof als "Schrottimmobilie" gesprochen.

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March 30, 2017

New Future For Obama?

Only in America - Only in America. What can you say? Obama shows his support to Bandidos.

WHO knows? Maybe one day Obama will have his own chapter and once again  be PRESIDENT.

MC & Gjengkriminalitet
Stockholm, Sweden

The history of Hells Angels MC Documentary

Complex federal case could delay trials of Twin Peaks bikers

WACO, Texas (KWTX) A complex federal case whose defendants include top officials of the Bandidos biker gang could delay the start of the trials of the dozens of bikers indicted after the deadly 2015 shootout at Waco’s Twin Peaks restaurant. McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna filed notice Wednesday with the state district judges who will preside over the Twin Peaks trials that the federal investigation “has information which relates to the events at Twin Peaks” that won’t be released until the federal defendants are tried, which might not happen until sometime next year.

Reyna was advised in a letter dated Monday from U.S. Attorney Richard L. Durbin that the information the FBI has was “obtained through court-authorized wire intercepts…and remains under seal and protective order.”
“Because of the significance of this prosecution,” Durbin wrote, “I have no choice except to maintain control over litigation relating to that information and evidence until we have completed our prosecution.”

An Aug. 7 trial date has been set for the federal defendants, but Durbin said in the letter he expects the setting could be postponed until later this year or early in 2018.

An attorney representing one of the federal defendants filed a motion late last week seeking a continuance until early in 2018.

In his notice to judges, Reyna says his office “has no specific knowledge of the contents of the federal investigation,” which he says “may be exculpatory, mitigating or impeachment evidence.”

Prosecutors are required by law to disclose all exculpatory evidence to defendants in criminal cases and, Reyna said in the notice, “we are sensitive that our office is required to make a timely disclosure of any evidence we acquire, such that a defendant can make use of the information at trial.”
“I don’t see where this ruling has any bearing of any kind on any Cossacks trials," defense attorney Paul Looney said Wednesday.

Looney's clients include two un-indicted bikers.
"And these people, most of them, are innocent. And these people cannot sit around and wait for years before they’re exonerated, that’s unconscionable. So either give us a trial, or dismiss these cases with an exoneration. America does not leave people hanging like this. It’s just not what we do," he said.

According to federal court records, the Bandidos gang declared it was “at war” with the rival Cossacks, and the federal indictment specifically alleges a number of violent acts committed by Bandidos members in furtherance of this “war.”

The conflict between the two gangs is believed to have been the catalyst for the deadly May 17, 2015 shootout at Twin Peaks between rival biker gangs and law enforcement officers in which nine bikers, all of whom were members of either the Bandidos or the Cossacks, died of gunshot wounds.

Another 20 bikers were injured.

To date 152 bikers have been indicted and are awaiting trial.

Authorities arrested the 177 bikers after the melee, all of whom were charged with engaging in organized crime and all of whom were initially ordered held in lieu of $1 million bonds. In March 2016, a McLennan County grand jury handed up indictments in the cases of some of the 80 bikers who were charged, but not yet indicted in the deadly May shootout at Waco’s Twin Peaks restaurant, as well as several who weren't arrested on the day of the shooting.

The indictments charge engaging in organized crime. Six of the indictments were sealed and named defendants who weren’t arrested at the scene of the shooting. On November 11, 2015, a grand jury returned indictments charging engaging in organized criminal activity against 97 bikers and also handed up sealed indictments against nine other bikers who weren’t among those arrested
Nearly 40 of the bikers arrested after the shootout have yet to be indicted.

Trials for three of the indicted bikers. Christopher Jacob Carrizal, Thomas Landers and Cody Ledbetter, have been scheduled so far this year in 19th State District Court in Waco.

Three more bikers, Kyle Smith, James Rosas, and Matthew Clendennen, are scheduled for trial so far this year in 54th State District Court.


Sprängmedelsförråd hittat hos nazist

Säkerhetspolisen, Säpo, har funnit ett förråd av sprängmedel hos Jimmy Jonasson, en av de häktade i den stora nazistbombsutredningen i Göteborg. Även instruktioner för tillverkning av bomber av den typ som använts vid attentaten ska ha påträffats hos den aktive nazisten. Det kan GT nu avslöja.

Den 50-årige Jimmy Jonasson är den av de tre huvudmisstänkta som - enligt åklagaren - kan knytas till alla tre bomberna i den stora nazistutredningen. Själv nekar han konsekvent. Men enligt åklagaren kan sprängmedel som hittats hos Jimmy Jonasson knytas till attentatet i början av januari då en städare skadades mycket svårt av en bomb utanför ett flyktingboende i Göteborg.

Bomben ska ha varit hemmatillverkad och instruktioner för att tillverka just den typen av bomber har, enligt åklagaren, hittats hos Jimmy Jonasson. Även vid bombattentatet två månader tidigare, i november, mot en vänsterlokal på Övre Husargatan i Linnéstaden ska samma sprängmedel använts och bomben tillverkades efter samma instruktioner.

LÄS MER: Nazistledarens DNA hittades på bomb och cykel

Allt enligt en handling som åklagaren Mats Ljungqvist vid riksenheten för säkerhetsmål lämnat in till Göteborgs tingsrätt där han motiverar varför han vill få mer tid för utredningen.

Åklagaren: Bomberna kunde dödat

"Förundersökningen pekar på att de sprängmedel som använts vid båda tillfällena kommer från det förråd av sprängmedel som hittades hos Jimmy Jonasson. Det har vidare hos denne hittats en instruktion som beskriver tillverkningen av bomber av den typ som använts", skriver åklagaren och fortsätter:
"Sammantaget pekar förundersökningen med styrka för att Jimmy Jonasson tillhandahållit de sprängmedel som använts. Även andra vitala delar i bomberna har kunnat spårats till Jimmy Jonasson".

Åklagaren har tidigare beskrivit bomberna som mycket kraftiga. Städaren vid flyktingboendet i Västra Frölunda i Göteborg fick splitterskador över hela kroppen och båda benen bröts av i smällen, enligt en anmälan till Arbetsmiljöverket.
– När det gäller laddningen på Övre Husargatan så var den bomben tillräckligt kraftig för att allvarligt skada eller till och med döda  en person som befunnit sig i bombens närhet, har åklagaren Mats Ljungqvist sagt tidigare i utredningen.

LÄS MER: Städarens båda ben bröts av vid bomben 

Bomben vid flyktingboendet i Västra Frölunda har beskrivits som jämförbar. Även den tredje bomben, som aldrig briserade, vid Lilleby Camping i Torslanda har beskrivits som så kraftig att en människa kunde ha dött.

Jimmy Jonasson har liksom de övriga två huvudmisstänkta Viktor Melin och Anton Thulin starka band till nazistiska Nordiska motståndsrörelsen. Han har varit medlem och deltagit vid flera av organisationens aktiviteter. Vid Nordiska motståndsrörelsens marsch i Borlänge 1 maj förra året hade han förtroendet att bära organisationens grönsvarta fana och bar även en symbol på den vita skjortan som bara organisationens medlemmar med "aktiviststatus" får bära.

Nazistledarens DNA på bomb och cykel

Organisationen har officiellt meddelat att de som organisation inte genomfört dåden men inte heller tagit avstånd från dåden som sådana.

Under onsdagen meddelade åklagaren också att Viktor Melin, som under 2016 var gruppchef för Nordiska motståndsrörelsen i Göteborg, kan knytas till bomben mot vänsterlokalen på Övre Husargatan genom att hans DNA påträffats - både på bomben och på en cykel som ställts upp framför vänsterlokalen med bomben på.

Viktor Melins advokat Michael Hansson upprepade under gårdagen att hans klient förnekar alla anklagelser.
– Han nekar fortsatt, det är inte någon förändrad inställning.

Vi har uppgifter om att hans DNA hittats på en av bomberna.
– Jag kan inte yttra mig om något som rör utredningen, säger Michael Hansson.
Totalt rör utredningen tre bomber.
 ● Det första är sprängattentatet mot vänsterlokalen Syndikalistiskt forum i Linnéstaden i november, kvällen före den demonstration i Stockholm arrangerad av Nordiska motståndsrörelsen där alla tre huvudmisstänkta deltog.
 ● Det andra är ett sprängattentat utanför ett flyktingboende i Järnbrott i västra Göteborg där en städare skadades mycket allvarligt och som länge vårdats på sjukhus.
 ● Det tredje är ett till synes misslyckat dåd efter att en skarp bomb hittades på Lilleby Camping i Torslanda som fungerar som ett mellanboende för nyanlända flyktingar.

En släppt på fri fot

Under onsdagsmorgonen släpptes Anton Thulin på fri fot. Han är inte längre häktad.
Misstankarna om försök till allmänfarlig ödeläggelse vid Lilleby Camping kvarstår dock, uppger åklagaren Mats Ljungqvist för GT. Åklagaren uppger att utredningen kommit så långt att Anton Thulin inte kan antas försvåra utredningen på fri fot.
"Bevisningen mot honom är sådan att han inte längre på fri fot kan förstöra utredningen. Misstanken kvarstår", skriver Mats Ljungkvist i en kommentar.

Efter att Anton Thulin blivit satt på fri fot har GT sökt honom, men utan framgång. Inte heller hans advokat har gått att nå.

Mats Ljungqvist har begärt åtalsförlängning, vilket gör att åtalet dröjer. De två kvarvarande häktade nazisterna har motsatt sig förlängningen och vill bli släppta på fri fot. GT har varit i kontakt med Jimmy Jonassons advokat Thomas Håkansson som meddelar att han kan kommentera sin klients inställning till utredningen först i nästa vecka. Han har tidigare flera gånger uppgett att Jimmy Jonasson nekar helt till alla anklagelser.

Sweden - Exp.

Nomads and Finks revenge attacks with Wallsend drive-by shooting

IT started between one-time mates, included a shooting, turned into mass defections, led to a wild street brawl and has festered into highly dangerous tit-for-tat attacks between now feuding gangs.

Shock: Residents in Longworth Avenue, Wallsend were awoken by gunfire directed at the side of this unit block early on Wednesday morning. Picture: Simone DePeakShock: Residents in Longworth Avenue, Wallsend were awoken by gunfire
directed at the side of this unit block early on Wednesday morning. Picture: Simone DePeak

Police remain on high-alert following the latest drive-by shooting on Wednesday morning - an attack on the home of a local enforcer of the Nomads where more than 30 shots were fired into the premises. Surrounding residents who spoke to Fairfax Media described being awakened by rapid gunfire, possibly a semi-automatic weapon at about midnight.

Target: Three bullet holes that were blasted into the side of the Longworth Avenue, Wallsend early on Wednesday. Picture: Matthew Kelly.
Target: Three bullet holes that were blasted into the side of the Longworth Avenue, Wallsend early on Wednesday. Picture: Matthew Kelly.

“It was just pop, pop, pop,” one shaken neighbour said.

SET ALIGHT: The Nomads' clubhouse on Bridge Street, Muswellbrook that was firebombed on Monday. Picture: Muswellbrook Chronicle.
SET ALIGHT: The Nomads' clubhouse on Bridge Street, Muswellbrook that was firebombed on Monday. Picture: Muswellbrook Chronicle.

“I don’t want to get dragged into it. The main thing is that no one got hurt.” It is not known if the unit’s occupants were home during the attack.

Another resident, who did not wish to be identified, said she no longer felt safe in the street.
“I was in bed and the next thing I hear is shooting. You don’t know what to expect next,” she said.

The shooting followed the attempted firebombing of a Nomad’s clubhouse at Muswellbrook belonging to gang’s Hunter Valley chapter, and drive-by shootings of the Nomad’s headquarters at Islington and the home of a former Nomad, and now Finks gang member, at Metford.

Police attempted to take some ground back on Wednesday, with specialist officers from bikie squad Strike Force Raptor back in the Hunter to search six properties under legislation relating to firearms prohibition orders. But with no one talking to authorities, frustrated police are turning to intelligence to investigate the shootings and firebombings as the region’s top cop warned of another bikie crackdown.

Northern Region commander Assistant Commissioner Jeff Loy had introduced the Hunter’s own bikie gang squad at the start of the year.
“We are concerned about the use of firearms and the number of drive-by shootings,’’ Mr Loy said on Wednesday.
“We are not just reacting, we are being proactive about this, and we will not be tolerating this sort of violence.
“We are very concerned for the public, we don’t want anyone hurt.’’

The feud is believed to have festered from internal rumblings within the Nomads’ traditionally strong Newcastle chapter, based at the Chin Chen Street premises, over the past few years. It included a younger brigade of members breaking away from older gang members and setting up a “Newcastle City” chapter before a peace deal was brokered.

There was also the unsolved shooting of one-time Nomads enforcer Matt Eather, who was found dumped in Anna Bay bushland after being “kneecapped” almost a year ago. Folllowing the April shooting, a number of gang members “patched over” to the rival Finks gang and members who were once close associates had become sworn enemies.

The feud blew up on Thomas Street at Wallsend in December when Finks and Nomads members were involved in a street brawl following taunts across the busy arterial road. The tit-for-tat attacks continued before a Finks member had his arm broken during an attack at a Kotara gym on the weekend. That night, the Nomads’ clubhouse at Islington, which was gutted during a police raid in November, was targeted in a drive-by shooting.

Police were called and arrested Nomads members Kane Benjamin Tamplin, 26, and Dylan Britliffe, the 32-year-old national vice-president of the Nomads, on an unrelated assault on two men at the Honeysuckle Hotel. The following night, the home of a former Nomads member, who had patched over the Finks, was peppered with bullets at Metford.

The violence continued on Monday night when the Muswellbrook clubhouse of the Nomads motorcycle club was slightly damaged in an attempted firebombing. It is understood the  Wallsend unit was hit by more than 30 bullets, some which may have been shot from a semi-automatic firearm.

Vice-president of the Maitland-based Gladiators Motorcycle Club Chris “Bones” Bamford refuted suggestions the club was caught up in the recent dramas.
“We are simply not involved; we do not have a problem with either club,” Mr Bamford said on Wednesday.  “We also do not do or condone drive-by shootings.”

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March 29, 2017

Vil ha tiltale for overfallet

Statsadvokaten i Hedmark og Oppland avgjør nå om det skal bli tatt ut tiltale mot de to danske mennene som sitter fengslet i saken. Begge har sittet i varetekt siden 25. oktober. Den ene av mennene er et dansk Hells Angels-medlem.


Politiet har nå sendt saken over til statsadvokaten med forslag på at begge mennene skal tiltales for overfallet på HamKam-spilleren bak Briskeby 30. september i fjor høst. Politiet vil at de skal tiltales for det som i straffeloven heter grov kroppsskade, noe som har en strafferamme på fengsel i inntil 10 år.


Begge mennene nekter fortsatt all skyld, og sier de var i Hamar den dagen for å besøke Hells Angels-klubben. Politiet mener at overvåkingsbilder, en hammer og andre bevis knytter begge to til stedet bak Briskeby der Semou ble kraftig slått i bakken med en hammer slik at han fikk to brudd på kraniet.


Hedmarken tingrett har satt av tre dager rett etter pinse til rettssak dersom statsadvokaten er enig med politiet i at det skal tas ut tiltale mot mennene. Saken skal etter det HA får opplyst da starte 6. juni.

Flere medlemmer av Hells Angels-klubben i Hamar har etter det HA får opplyst gitt sin danske bror alibi og bekreftet for politiet at han var her for å besøke klubben på det tidspunktet Semou ble slått ned. Det kan dermed ligge an til at flere klubbmedlemmer må i vitneboksen under rettssaken.


Semou har i intervju med HA sagt han ikke aner hvorfor han ble slått ned.
Alt tyder på at saken kommer opp for retten uten at politiet kan peke på en grunn til at to menn – etter politiets oppfatning – kjørte ens ærend fra Danmark til Hamar for å slå hull i hodet på en fotballspiller.

Begge mennene er de siste dagene blitt varetektsfengslet for nye fire uker av Hedmarken tingrett, som fortsatt mener det er fare for at de skal rømme fra landet dersom de blir løslatt.

Norway - HA.

Therese höll sin adress hemlig – fruktade gäng

Therese Palmkvist tros ha hittats död i sitt hem. En nära vän hade varnat henne för den man som nu jagas som mordmisstänkt. Vännen berättar nu att Therese själv var så rädd för mannens kriminella kontakter att hon höll sin adress hemlig.

I måndags hittades en kropp gömd i försvunna Therese Palmkvists hus. Polisen misstänker att kroppen tillhör Therese – och riktar misstankarna mot en manlig bekant till henne. Han är i 30-årsåldern och tidigare dömd för att hotat poliser med yxa. Så sent som för ett år sedan stod han åtalad för att ha slagit sin exflickvän. Också den gången misstänktes han ha använt yxa.

Mannen frikändes från misshandelsmisstankarna. Exflickvännen berättar för Aftonbladet att hon inte vågade peka ut honom för polisen – men säger nu att det var han som slog henne.

Expressen har talat med bekanta till yxmannen och Therese Palmkvist. Mannen i 30-årsåldern är dömd för en rad olika brott och har enligt Expressens uppgifter haft kontakt med ett kriminellt gäng.

Skjutsade gängman: "Obehagligt"

En nära vän har berättat att han varnade Therese för mannen.
– Jag sa till henne att det där skulle sluta i ett helvete.

Yxmannen försörjde sig "genom kriminalitet", säger en person som känner honom. Enligt Expressens uppgifter hade mannen kontakter med ett kriminellt gäng – som Therese fruktade till den grad att hon försökte hålla sin adress hemlig.

Vid ett tillfälle tvingades Therese, enligt en nära vän, skjutsa en av gängmedlemmarna.
– Hon upplevde det som väldigt obehagligt, säger vännen.

Vännens första tanke när han fick höra att Therese var försvunnen var att hon blivit bortrövad av det kriminella gänget. Men nu är det alltså yxmannen själv som jagas som mordmisstänkt.

Bilarna nyckelspår i jakten

Polisen har i detalj kartlagt hans liv genom inre spaning. Mannen sysslade med bilaffärer. På den vägen ska han också ha kommit i kontakt med det kriminella gänget. Han har nio bilar registrerade på sig, samtliga avställda. En av bilarna ställdes dock av nyligen, då han inte betalat skatt för den.

Stefan Dangart, presstalesperson vid polisen i Dalarna, säger att bilen är en av de första uppgifterna polisen tittat på.
– Vi har kartlagt den här mannen utifrån platser han kan tänkas vara på, och saker han disponerar, och det är klart att vi bearbetar den informationen aktivt när vi söker, säger Stefan Dangart, presstalesperson vid polisen i Dalarna.

Jakten efter yxmannen

Polisen har också kontrollerat fastighetsinnehav och adresser där han brukar uppehålla sig, och hans vänkrets. Ändå har han lyckats hålla sig undan.
– Det här har pågått ett tag och vi har sökt på platser där vi tror att han kan befinna sig utifrån hans adresser, säger Stefan Dangardt, presstalesperson vid polisen i Dalarna.
– Om han har fått klart för sig att vi vill få tag på honom, och det vet han väl sannolikt, så håller han sig säkert undan.

Polisen har fortfarande inte fått svar från obduktionen av kroppen som hittades i Therese Palmkvists hus. Svar väntas under torsdagen.
– Vi utgår från att det är den försvunna Therese som vi har hittat. Men vi måste avvakta rättsmedicinsk obduktion innan vi kan vara säkra på identiteten, säger Stefan Dangardt.

Sweden - Exp.

Columbia Man Pleads Guilty To Role In Attempted Gang Killing

A Columbia man pleaded guilty in federal court to offenses related to his membership in the street gang MS-13.

Celvin Eulice Ramos-Mejia, 21, pleaded guilty to conspiracy and attempted murder in aid of racketeering, prosecutors said.

In Maryland, the gang composed largely of Salvadoran immigrants and their descendants has branches (or "cliques") operating in Prince George's and Montgomery counties and in Frederick. Ramos-Mejia admitted in his plea agreement that from at least 2012 to at least 2016, he was a member of the Sailors Locos Salvatrucha Westside or "Sailors." He admitted that he conspired with other gang members and associates to murder someone they'd identified as a "chavala."

On June 6 of last year, he and others approached the victim in Greenbelt. Ramos-Mejia made an MS-13 sign in the face of the victim, then they began attacking him. He stabbed the victim during the attack, which the victim survived, despite multiple stab wounds.

He faces up to 10 years in prison for each count. Sentencing is set for June 22 at federal court in Greenbelt.

Gangster pimps ‘Spud,’ ‘Spank’ sentenced for child sex trafficking

Two more members of the street gang Polywood Crips are headed to federal prison for their roles in a child sex trafficking operation. On Monday in a Fort Worth federal courtroom, Alvin “Spank” Lane, 32, received a sentence of 166 months in prison and a lifetime of supervised release. He had pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking of children in October.

Audry “Spud” Lane, 29, got 280 months for the same federal charge. He pleaded guilty in November.
According to federal agents, the Lanes acted as pimps for girls, some as young as 16 and 17, and women they trafficked. Some girls who did not obey were gang raped, federal agents said in federal court documents. Some gang members posted numerous videos and photos on Facebook instructing others on how to pimp. Videos also showed one gang member counting money with various sex trafficking victims, the release said.

Last month, three other gang members were sentenced to prison on federal charges of conspiracy to commit sex trafficking of children after pleading guilty. Deon “Spanish Fly” Bonner, 26, was sentenced to 30 years; Chad “Ocho Hood Fame” Johnson, 24, got 25 years; and Stanley “Pee Wee” Johnson, 24, received a sentence of 14 years.

All three must register as sex offenders for the rest of their lives. The investigation was conducted by the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Homeland Security investigators and Fort Worth police. Other defendants who have pleaded guilty to various federal offenses in the case and are awaiting sentencing include: Diwone “Pooh” Nobles; sisters Serrah, 28, and Jessica Arnold, 23; and Katelyn Michelle Ward, 24.

Many of the suspects are believed to have ties with the Polywood Crips, a street gang that operates in the Polytechnic Heights neighborhood of Fort Worth. According to federal agents, Nobles, Bonner, Chad Johnson, Stanley Johnson, Audry Lane, Katelyn Ward and Alvin Lane all acted as pimps for the girls and women they trafficked.

The suspects kept whatever money was earned from the enterprise and beat the girls as punishment if they did not obey, according to court documents.


Read more here:

Virginia ABC Cracking Down on Biker Bars in Central Virginia

The Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) is trying to put the brakes on biker bars in central Virginia. The ABC is warning restaurants and bars they could lose their licenses by becoming a hangout for outlaw motorcycle gangs.

The ABC says this crackdown comes in response to concerns from law enforcement in Greene County, Louisa, and Orange. John Nagro, the owner of CJ’s at Byrd Street in the town of Orange, is trying to shake off that reputation for his bar.
“The windows aren't black, there's nobody undressed in here dancing. It's not a biker bar,” Nagro explained. “Don't just say because you have a motorcycle patch on there that you're a bad guy, because it's not true.”

Nagro believes police and the ABC are targeting bikers after a dust-up between a member of a motorcycle club and another customer
“You know, they all like to play dress up with their jackets and who they are, what they are,
” Nagro said. “They're good guys, they don't bother me. They don't bother anyone in this town.”
Nagro got a letter (link is external) calling his restaurant a rendezvous for an outlaw motorcycle gang.
“Next thing I know, the big boys from ABC came in and basically threatened me that I was going to lose my license,” Nagro explained.

ABC agents are handing out the letter to 30 bars and restaurants around Central Virginia, including in the town of Louisa. It describes an increase of outlaw motorcycle gang activity, but these aren't just your weekend riders.

Police describe the group as the "one-percenters".
“Those one-percenters, the ones that create the problems for us in law enforcement and the criminal activity, is the area we need to focus on,” said Chief Ronnie Roberts with the town of Louisa police. The ABC warns it can revoke the license of a business that becomes a meeting place or rendezvous for outlaw motorcycle gangs.

A pub in Louisa posted the letter and a sign warning bikers not to wear their colors or cuts.
“What we've done is try to make sure everybody is on the same page and not leaving anyone out, so everyone knows what the regulatory issues are,” said Roberts.

Nagro says he's losing business in this battle over rights.
“If the ABC wants to take my license, I guess they can take my license. There's nothing I can do about it, but I do believe that Constitutional rights are being violated here every day,” Nagro said.
Members of motorcycle clubs and their supporters are sending letters (link is external) to the governor and members of the General Assembly about this issue with the ABC.

The letter calls the department's actions "intimidation" and an "infringement of freedom of speech."

Statement from Virginia ABC:
Virginia ABC Bureau of Law Enforcement Region 9 distributed a letter addressed to Region 9 on premise licensees advising them of an increase in outlaw motorcycle gang activity in on premise ABC licensed establishments. This letter was created in response to information received from four local law enforcement agencies within the Charlottesville region. The letter was provided as an educational resource for licensees and was hand-delivered to approximately 30 licensees in the region during inspections and day to day interactions. Special agents are continuing to distribute the letters.

The letter includes applicable sections of Virginia Code and states that all Virginia ABC licensees should take reasonable measures to prevent their establishments from becoming a meeting place or rendezvous for members of a criminal street gang or from becoming a place where patrons of the establishment commit criminal violations. The letter also advises licensees of potential penalties that could be incurred in the event of a violation. It does not state that licensees should decline service to certain individuals and does not require any specific actions on the part of the licensee.

At their request, Virginia ABC is working with the following local law enforcement agencies on this effort: Town of Orange Police Department; Town of Louisa Police Department; Louisa County Sheriff’s Office; and the Greene County Sheriff’s Office.


Bacchus motorcycle gang member arrested in P.E.I. on weapons charges

A member of the Bacchus Motorcycle Club in New Brunswick is facing two weapons charges after police in P.E.I. arrested him for allegedly carrying a cane with a sword hidden inside it.

The RCMP reported that on March 25, members of the organized crime task force arrested a 59-year-old man for possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose and carrying a concealed weapon.

That arrest stemmed from surveillance on Jan. 21 during an Atlantic Confederation of Clubs and Independents meeting Charlottetown.

The police allegedly saw the man carrying a cane with a sword hidden inside it to the meeting.

He was released and will appear in provincial court in Charlottetown in May.

The RCMP also reported that several people from motorcycle clubs who attended the meeting were seen wearing fixed-blade knives on their belts.

Police warn that if they observe those activities in the future at those types of events in P.E.I. it could lead to arrests for possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose.

The organized crime task force consists of police officers from the RCMP and municipal forces in Charlottetown, Summerside and Kensington.

Canada - BN.

March 28, 2017

The Untold Truth Of American Chopper

Are Biker Gangs Fighting a Turf War Over Key West?

Lonsdale on edge after fatal gang-related shooting

One man is dead after a firefight erupted on Saturday evening in Lonsdale Homes between members of the same gang, police said Monday. Dwayne Goines, 28, of Knoxville died from his injuries at a hospital following the shooting, according to a Knoxville Police Department news release.

After the smoke cleared, more than 80 shell casings littered the area, and four other people were taken to various hospitals with gunshot wounds. Their injuries didn't appear to be life threatening, police said.

Before the shooting began around 7:15 p.m. at the corner of Minnesota Avenue and Pascal Drive, Kristi Hodge and her mother-in-law Glenda were sitting on the back porch of their home a block away, enjoying the weather. A group of children, who always play outside together in the close-knit community, were shooting firecrackers by a dumpster, Glenda Hodge said.
"And then I heard it again, and I thought it was firecrackers, but it was over that way," she said Monday, gesturing toward Pascal Drive. "... So it got louder and louder and closer and closer, and I got up and went in the house. And the kids was running towards the gunshots and I told them no no no, come back, come back."

The Hodges ushered everyone inside and got down on the floor, lying prone or clutching their knees to their chests as countless bullets ricocheted off nearby buildings. Kristi Hodge said she could hear the difference between the guns being used, and there were several.
"They let loose," she said. "Oh my God, it was ringing, it was echoing off the bricks."

Her 12-year-old son, who was one of a group of boys that found a man's body in a car at Lonsdale in January, wasn't with her at the time, so she called him.
"As soon as he answered he said, 'Mama they're shooting, they're shooting!' " Kristi Hodge recalled. "I said, 'Get down on the ground!' "

Her nephew, a 15-year-old from East Knoxville, was visiting his friend's house in Lonsdale. When the gunfire broke out, everyone in that house ran upstairs. As Hodge's nephew was the last to ascend, a bullet whizzed through the upstairs window and struck him in the shoulder. His injuries aren't life threatening, but Hodge said the bullet is too close to his heart to remove.

The walls of several homes in the area were riddled with bullets, and gunfire shattered the windows of apartments and vehicles. An act of violence of this magnitude is rare in Lonsdale, according to the Hodges, who say the violence is perpetrated by outsiders. The last shooting they recall was that of Zaevion Dobson, who was killed on Dec. 17, 2015, as he shielded two girls from stray gang-related gunfire in the community.

Now, residents are on edge, suspicious of every unfamiliar car and hesitant to even go outside.
"I was walking to the mailbox and I'm scared to death," said Kristi Hodge, who has lived in Lonsdale for seven years. "If a car's driving by, you're looking to see what's about to happen. ... You're paranoid, especially if they're driving slow. You just don't know.
"It's ridiculous. These kids deserve so much more than what the community can offer them. It's not fair for us parents to feel like we have to shelter our children and keep them inside because we don't know what's going to happen. But even that didn't do any good this time.


Independent Soldier shot dead in Vernon

Castanet is reporting that the body of Dustin Rogers, 26, was found March 23 on Silver Star in Vernon. He was shot dead. Photos on Facebook show Rogers with a large Independent Soldiers tattoo on his torso. One has to wonder if he was a member in good standing.

Canada - GO/DW. 

March 27, 2017

Pagans MC vs Breed MC - 1%er Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Documentary

March 26, 2017

Young Guns

Young Guns er en kriminell gruppering hvor de fleste medlemmene kommer fra Oslo. Gjengen er også kjent som et pakistansk broderskap. Young Guns ble kjent i forbindelse med Romsås-drapet i 1988, som er kalt «Norges første gjengdrap». Gjengen tok navnet sitt fra den amerikanske action- og westernfilmen Young Guns fra 1988.

På 1990-tallet var gjengen nært knyttet til den yngre A-gjengen. Shahid Rasool (som ikke må forveksles med hans yngre navnebror i B-gjengen) skal ha vært leder i Young Guns fra 1989 til 1999.

Da Rasool ble fengslet, ble Mohammad Akhtar Raja hans stedfortreder, selv om han selv benektet å ha noen rolle som frontfigur i Young Guns. Arfan Qadeer Bhatti, Arshad Mahmood og Mohammed «Jeddi» Javed er også omtalt som medlemmer eller ledere av Young Guns.


De opprinnelige medlemmene av Young Guns var alle mellom 10 og 12 år da de kom til Norge fra Pakistan. Medlemmene kom fra Raja-, Jatt- og Gujjar-familier. I 1988 hevdet et medlem i Young Guns at gjengen bestod av 40–50 ungdommer i 16–23-årsalderen. I 2006 hevdet medlemmer i Young Guns at gjengen bestod av en kjerne på rundt seks mann med ytterligere 20–25 medlemmer. Ifølge Dagbladet hadde gjengen 37 medlemmer i 2008, hvorav 17 var sentrale.

Flere av medlemmene i Young Guns har kriminelt rulleblad og de er mye omtalt i media i forbindelse med narkotika og voldsepisoder. I 2002 ble Shahid Rasool dømt for over 100 kriminelle forhold. Dommen omfattet blant annet grov vold, utpressing, trusler, bortføring og ran. Arfan Qadeer Bhatti var medlem i Young Guns fra han var 13 år. Han ble i 1998 i Høyesterett dømt til ett og et halvt års fengsel og tre års sikring for å ha skutt og skadet en person som var på et torpedooppdrag.

Norsk-pakistanske Arshad Mahmood var ifølge Aftenposten i 2006 medlem både i A-gjengen og Young Guns. Han ble i 2006 pågrepet under en aksjon der politiet frisatte tre marokkanere som skulle ha blitt holdt fanget og mishandlet i flere dager. Han ble i 2007 i Øvre Romerike tingrett dømt til ni års forvaring for grov mishandling, trusler, legemsbeskadigelse under særdeles skjerpende omstendigheter og grovt ran. Han er også tidligere dømt for vold, heleri, tvang, trusler og frihetsberøvelse.

Ungdomsarbeideren Elyas Mohammed var som tenåring på slutten av 1980-tallet medlem i Young Guns. Han spilte i 2001 en rolle som politispaner i TV-serien Fox Grønland. Mikael Niaz Ali var på begynnelsen av 2000-tallet medlem av Young Guns i seks år, og utførte torpedooppdrag.


I november 1988 ble en 23 år gammel mann i den såkalte Killers-gjengen drept med kniv på Romsås i Oslo, i det som skal være det første gjengdrapet i Oslo. To unge medlemmer av Young Guns ble dømt for drapet, som var en hevn for at Young Guns-medlemmet Medsir Ali hadde blitt stukket ned. Young Guns-lederen, Shahid Rasool, ble tiltalt for psykisk medvirkning til drapet, men ble ikke dømt.[ Killers, eller Gunkillers, var en utbrytergruppe fra Young Guns.


Gjengen hadde flere konflikter med andre gjenger, blant annet pakistanske Killers, filippinske Outsiders og en gruppe kalt Rebels. Det har ofte vært konflikter mellom Young Guns og B-gjengen i Oslo. I 1999 ble broren til lederen i B-gjengen kidnappet av Young Guns. I 2001 ble en taxisjåfør, som angivelig var Young Guns-sympatisør, drept på Tøyen av medlemmer av B-gjengen. I mars 2003 ble Young Guns-tilknyttede Zia Anwar funnet mishandlet og drept i en utbrent leiebil i Arendal. Tre menn ble dømt for drapet.

I mai samme år ble et B-gjengmedlem skutt og såret på Sofienberg av et sentralt medlem i Young Guns. Gjerningsmannen ble frifunnet i tingretten, men dømt i lagmannsretten. I juni 2003 ble Young Guns-lederen Arshad Mahmood skutt og såret på Gardermoen. Gjerningsmannen ble dømt til fem års fengsel. I 2004 ble en vietnameser drept og en person som da var Young Guns-medlem skutt og såret på Sandaker i forbindelse med gjengoppgjør. I 2006 åpnet medlemmer av B-gjengen ild i en folkemengde på Aker Brygge, og to menn i Young Guns skutt og såret. Den ene av disse skal ha vært en av de to dømte fra Romsås-drapet i 1988.

Et medlem i Young Guns ble i 2008 frifunnet for drapsforsøk på B-gjengens «Gudfar», som er eldste broren i gjengen. 19. januar 2009 ble Mohammed «Jeddi» Javed, et høytstående medlem av Young Guns, funnet skutt og drept i en utbrent bil på Haugerud i Oslo og flere Young Guns-medlemmer gikk åpent ut og erklærte krig mot B-gjengen.

Politisk tilknytning

Politiet i Oslo hevdet i 2005 at Young Guns var tilknyttet pakistanske, politiske og religiøse miljøer i Norge og Pakistan. Da Pakistans president, Pervez Musharraf, var i Oslo i 2006 deltok han på et festmøte med rundt tusen gjester, spesielt invitert av den pakistanske ambassade i Oslo. Blant disse var det 4-5 medlemmer av Young Guns og A-gjengen.

Gjengen har hatt kontakt med norske politikere. I 1989 fikk Young Guns-medlemmer møte daværende kommunal- og arbeidsminister, Kjell Borgen, for å diskutere ungdomspolitikk. Young Guns-medlemmer fikk senere også møte statsråd William Engseth for å diskutere forhold i Oslo.

Kulturell betydning

Den norske actionfilmen Izzat fra 2005 var ifølge regissøren delvis inspirert av Young Guns.[36]

Hells Angel busted after cops find handgun, cocaine in his car in West Village

Cops busted a Hells Angel after finding a handgun, cocaine and $3,000 cash in his car during a traffic stop in the West Village, police sources said Friday. Police pulled over Michael Avalone, 37, of Ossining, N.Y., after they spotted him driving recklessly in a 2008 Cadillac DTS at W. 14th St. and 6th Ave. around 2:50 a.m. Thursday, cops said.

After discovering Avalone had three active warrants, the officers placed him under arrest, officials said. During the arrest, Avalone told officers there was a gun on the front passenger seat of his car.
The officers took Avalone and his Cadillac back to the 6th Precinct, and obtained a search warrant for the car, according to a police source. Inside they found two vials of cocaine, $3,000 in cash, a fake New York transit authority placard and a loaded .380-caliber Luger pistol with an extra magazine, according to a police source.

Authorities charged Avalone with criminal possession of a weapon, criminal possession of a forged instrument, criminal possession of a controlled substance and reckless driving, cops said.
According to the police source, Avalone is also under investigation by the FBI for his affiliation with the Hells Angels. He has several prior arrests, including one in Westchester in 2007 for drugs and weapons possession, for which he served two years in prison, officials said.


Hells Angels: Founding member of Thai chapter bashed as Australian bikies take over 'dark business'

Sin stands with Wayne Schneider's brown crocodile skin vest 
Photo: 'Sin' with the vest of Wayne Schneider, who was murdered after being snatched from outside his luxury villa (Supplied)

"Sin" smiles a lot for a man who — until recently — was the Hells Angels enforcer in Thailand.

Key points:

  • Former Thai Hells Angel Thaksin "Sin" Monthonthaksin says he was bashed by three Australian bikies
  • He says Australians are moving the club into illegal activity
  • Thai drug cops say they are monitoring the Angels as a "well-known crime group"
Thaksin "Sin" Monthonthaksin was one of the founders of the outlaw motorcycle club's Pattaya branch a year ago. But now he is worried about the direction it is taking.
"It's changed so much because there are many Australians, whose roles and power has been increasing," Mr Thaksin told the ABC.

Charity rides and oversized cheques are being replaced with what he describes as "dark business".
This struggle for power within the club came to a violent climax earlier this month. Nobody denies there was a fight on March 7, 2017; one that left Mr Thaksin with seven stitches and a left eye swollen shut.

But there are two quite different versions of what caused the clash and whether it adhered to the Angels' code of "fight club" ethics. According to Sin, he wanted to introduce a new prospective Thai member to the Pattaya branch. As the club's sergeant-at-arms, he thought he had that right, but says the move was blocked by Australian members.

Then things got nasty…

(L-R): John Lee, Glen Norris, Dan Stalley, Oh, and Michael 'Tab' Robinson. 

Expletive-strewn messages were sent, and in an insult considered profoundly offensive in Thai culture, Mr Thaksin sent a photo of his foot, singling out Australian Glen Norris, saying "For you bro".

A fellow Thai member and relative convinced Mr Thaksin to go to the clubhouse — a bar called Angels Place — and talk things over.
"I trusted my relative, but when I got there they beat me right away … without saying a word," Mr Thaksin told the ABC.

He says three Australians — Glen Norris, Dan Stalley and Matthew "Tab" Robinson— all joined the assault, breaking the code of one-on-one fights only. The Hells Angels version came to the ABC via an emailed statement on behalf of "Thai members of the club who wish to remain anonymous".

Glen Norris       
Photo: Glen Norris in a Thai police mugshot (Supplied)     

"Both Thai and foreign members unanimously voted the now ex-sergeant-at-arms out of the club following numerous infractions of the rules — a decision the biker wasn't willing to accept," the statement said. It said the fight was caused by Mr Thaksin's threatening behaviour.
"After the ex-sergeant-at-arms was voted out he arrived at a members' meeting carrying a baseball bat making threats to those attending and calling out several Australian members of the chapter."
This led to the fight at the clubhouse with "an Australian member who lives in Bangkok" named Glen Norris.
"The fight was a one-on-one, fists only and witnessed by over 20 both Thai and foreign people, who saw the ex-sergeant-at-arms take a fair beating and felt the matter was now closed," the statement said.
Mr Thaksin has filed a complaint to police, something the club says goes against much of what the Hells Angels stand for.
"We are waiting for a medical report from a doctor, so we can charge Glen," Inspector Theetat Truchan of the Nong Preu police said.

The ABC understands Angels Place has at least 10 security cameras installed but bar staff told police they were out of order on the day of the assault.

A headshot of Thaksin 'Sin' Monthonthaksin shows his bruised eye and seven stitches as a result of the fight.       
Photo: Thaksin 'Sin' Monthonthaksin was left bruised and battered after a fight at the Angels' HQ (Supplied)

Thailand a key location in drug 'superhighway'

While there are dozens of bike enthusiast groups in Thailand, it's the outlaw motorcycle clubs that interest police. South-East Asia is home to some of the big names — Rebels, Mongols, Bandidos, Outlaws.

Sex, sun and leather

It makes sense that the Hells Angels' only official Thai charter is in Pattaya rather than the capital Bangkok. The seaside city is renowned for its go-go bars, drugs and as a place for criminals to lay low. A British tabloid recently claimed Pattaya was the "sex capital" of the world, a "modern day Sodom and Gomorrah" with 27,000 prostitutes.

The Tourism Minister professed alarm and sent the police to investigate but they claimed — unconvincingly — they could not find any signs of transactional sex going on.

Since 2012, Thailand has hosted Hells Angels nomads — members not affiliated with any particular regional chapter, or charter as the Hells Angels call them.

But in April last year, the Pattaya charter revved into life, with Thaksin Monthonthaksin and Australian Wayne Schneider among the founding members.

Now the club has 14 fully-patched members — five Australians, four Germans, a Canadian and four Thais. Mr Thaksin told the ABC he was never made aware of specific drug deals but said the Hells Angels were increasingly focused on "things that are illegal".

Geographically, Thailand links the main drug-producing regions of Myanmar and Laos with lucrative markets like Malaysia and Australia.
"It's a picture of a superhighway," said Police Lieutenant General Sommai Kongwisaisuk, head of the Narcotic Suppression Bureau.

A separate organisation, Thailand's Office of Narcotics Control Board, has told the ABC it is monitoring the Hells Angels as a "well-known crime group" but wouldn't confirm they are involved in drug trafficking.

Next month, a second Hells Angels charter is due to open in the northern town of Chiang Mai — better known for its proximity to the opium and methamphetamine-producing Golden Triangle than for its big bike culture.

The death of a playboy

Large headstone with Christian cross, Schneider's picture and words: Angels Never Die, R.I.P Wayne81 

When Mr Thaksin sat down to speak to the ABC, he wore a "death-head" shirt given to him by Wayne Schneider, a man he considered a "playboy" who was well liked by Thais.

The authorities had another take, with Australian and Thai police suspecting Schneider of trafficking significant quantities of drugs from Pattaya. In November, Schneider was abducted from outside his luxury villa by five men, beaten savagely and found buried at remote location known to Pattaya locals as a "killing zone" for the number of murder victims who end up interred there.

Photo: Wayne Schneider was found buried with a broken neck and facial injuries. (ABC News)

"I believe the Australian members of Hells Angels knew what happened to Wayne Schneider but they did not say," Mr Thaksin said.
Two men have been convicted in relation to the crime. Schneider's bodyguard Antonio Bagnato was found guilty of murder, kidnapping and disposing a body. He was sentenced to death but it is believed he will appeal against the charge.

The court found that American Tyler Gerrard, 22, was also involved in the kidnapping, convicting him on lesser charges that will likely see him released this year.
But the other suspects remain at large.
"After Wayne died, all of them [the Australians] were gone… they were so quiet, they didn't say anything and acted like nothing had happened," Mr Thaksin said.

'They're dangerous … they'll have to take my life'

Photo: Antonio Bagnato was convicted of the kidnap and murder of Hell's Angels member Wayne Schneider. (AAP: Facebook)      

The man who helped start the Pattaya charter of the Hells Angels now wants the Australian members deported.
"I would like to ask the Australian Consulate to push these people out, please," Mr Thaksin said.
"They're dangerous… if we ignore them, they can create violent situations."
Further violence may well be looming.
Sin alleges that Norris has threatened to kill him if he doesn't hand back his leather jacket with its Hells Angels patches.
"[That jacket] is my life… without it I am meaningless," Mr Thaksin said.
"I created it — if anyone wants to take it from me they have to take my life as well."

Photo: Bikes parked outside the Angels Place bar in Pattaya (ABC News)