October 31, 2014

Two gang associates with Vancovuer ties arrested

Victoria News is reporting that "Two men with Lower Mainland gang ties have been arrested by police on gun- and drug-related charges. Isaac Drennnan, 32, was arrested Oct. 9 at his Esquimalt home, where officers seized heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and two handguns. Dustin Wadsworth, a 32-year-old associate of Drennan's, was also arrested with several ounces of cocaine on Oct. 22 at his 3500-block Turner Street home in Vancouver."

Again a Vancouver Island gang with ties to Vancouver but the gang is not named. The CFSU appears to be doing a great job but someone upstairs still seems to be running interference for the Hells Angles in the press. Sgt. Lindsay Houghton has taken over Pat Fogherty's job of spinning the truth away from the Hells Angels. Sadly it doesn't appear that they're just avoiding using the Hells Angles name in case of legal challenges. It looks like a premeditated spin away from them. Thus the previous 180 ways to say Hells Angels discourse.

Previously they would name the Vancouver Island gang. It was the Independent Soldiers. When I pointed out the Independent Soldiers work for the Hells Angels, they stopped naming the gang. Isaac Drennnan was under a lifetime firearm ban after being convicted of attempted murder for shooting two police officers in 2003. So what's the consequence for breaking a lifetime firearm ban? House arrest?

CTV is reporting that Drennan's associate Dustin Wadsworth was arrested in Vancouver for breaching bail conditions. He was found in possession of drugs and $58,000 cash. That's a fair chunk of change. This bust still points towards being Hells Angels associates. Heroin, cocaine and crystal meth. Remember that. How many times a day could they seize 178 grams of heroin from a drug dealer in front of Main and Hastings? Please advise.

Pitt Meadows Shooting - Follow up

OK so remember the Pitt Meadows / Maple ridge shooting where Louie Sparvier died of gunshot wounds? The other guy was stabbed and it appeared that it was a fight between the two. One guy was stabbed and the other guy was shot dead. Now it appears that the two guys that were injured were friends. The top picture is another one of Louie. One source claims this in another picture of him in a robbery surveillance video wearing the same shorts.

Seemingly Louie's GF is claiming it was two other guys who were involved in the fight - Ryan Alexander Newman and Deryol Andrews. Interesting to note that Louie Sparvie was on Larry Mizen's friends list.

Jay Hall's prison beat down

Someone sent me a copy of the video of Jay Hall's prison beat down last year. I'm not going to post it because it is very disturbing to say the least. I will comment on it and post screen caps. First it's from a surveillance video that was played in court. No one video taped it on their cell phone. The video was posted on one of his attackers facebook bragging about it which is somewhat ironic. Two guys snuck up from behind and gave him the boots. There is nothing more cowardly and deranged.

Fist Brandon Badger sits down and waits for Jay Hall to enter. When he sees him he stands up to make sure he's right in front of him in line.

Then this other guys circles around behind him.

And sucker punches him in the back of the head when he isn't looking.

As soon as he does that the first guy jumps in and they both give him the boots.

As soon as he hits the ground the smaller guy starts kicking his head over and over again like a soccer ball. That is very disturbing. That is how the man who tried to break up,that house wrecking party in Squamish died. This wasn't an assault. This was a premeditated attempted murder.

As they continue to take turns punching and kicking him in the head when he's on the ground he lies motionless on the floor and starts to twitch as though he's having a seizure. While he's lying motionless on the ground the second guy foot stomps his head several times.

There is nothing manly about this deranged act. I don't care who Jay Hall was or what he did. This was a bitch move. The two guys that jumped him and gave him the boots go down in history in the POS hall of shame. The rest of us who glorify in this kind of deranged violence need to stop and take a look at ourselves in the mirror. We need to ask ourselves what is wrong with us? We have mental problems and even Dr. Phil can't help us until we recognize that.

In the mean time Jay Hall has every right to sue these two POS as well as the prison system. This kind of prison violence is not acceptable and has to stop. In the words of Raiden from mortal combat Enough! If we don't prevent this we are no better then they are. A civilized society does not let this happen. Brutality is a sign of low self esteem.

Speaking of suing the prison system, a member of the UN is doing exactly that. The Vancouver Province reported that Michael Newman is suing the federal government for allegedly failing to protect him from being severely assaulted in a federal prison. Newman was identified as being “incompatible” with Jamie Bacon. No kidding Jamie Bacon is a POS that did the Surrey Six and ordered the hit on one of his own guys. Nobody in Surrey likes him.

Newman was forced to attend a mediation with Jamie POS Bacon and Newman was handcuffed while Jamie Bacon wasn't. That is really messed up. Jamie Bacon getting special privileges in prison? Don't get me started. If the guards set up the fight where Newman was assaulted then he does have a case. It's rather bizarre that they were watching the outrageous brutality of the Jay Hall assault without intervening. That shows there is a problem.

Everybody thinks I believe all these guys should be locked up forever and they should be tortured in prison but that is not the case. No one should be tortured in prison. If we didn't torture the Germans in prison we don't torture anyone in prison. Period. 30 year or 300 year prison sentences won't solve anything. Prolific offenders need three months in jail with no crack. That is not excessive. No one should be raped or assaulted in prison. Period.

If the Jay Hall beating was in fact paid for, then one has to ask who paid for it? The HAs ae the only ones really capable of pulling something like that off. Did he woe them money? There are no rival drug dealers in Prince George.

Polisrazzia mot mc-gäng på E18 - Gäng i Örebro

Polisen genomförde en omfattande gängrazzia på E18 idag.
Ett stort antal bilar stoppades och genomsöktes utanför Örebro.
– Det handlar om kriminella individer som är ute efter bråk med andra personer, säger polisens presstalesman Mats Nylén.

Polisen slog till mot bilkaravan från Värmland

ÖREBRO: Stor polisinsats på E 18

(UPPDATERAD) En massiv polisinsats genomfördes på torsdagseftermiddagen på E 18 vid Berglunda i höjd med Adolfsberg.
Tungt beväpnade poliser från Örebro placerade ut spikmattor, stoppade och genomsökte ett 10-tal bilar som kom i karavan från Värmlandshållet.

Gängkriminella grupperar sig i Örebro

Ett stort antal tillresta medlemmar ur flera kriminella gäng rör sig just nu i centrala Örebro.
De hårdbevakas av polisen.
Och strax efter 21 blossade oroligheter upp i stadsdelen Oxhagen.
– Det rör sig om ett gängkrig, säger en uppgiftslämnare till Aftonbladet.
Vid 21.30-tiden kom rapporter från västra Örebro om nya razzior mot gängmedlemmar. Polisen trappar nu upp insatsen - och använder helikopter.

Från Oxhagen rapporteras om stora polisresurser på plats. Man kontrollerar bilar och personer - hundar söker av området. Polisen har också stoppat flera bilar på Karlslundsgatan. Där visiterades ett tiotal personer. Sedan 21.30-tiden cirkulerar en helikopter över västra delarna av Örebro.

Tidigare på torsdagskvällen rörde sig ett stort antal medlemmar ur bland annat de kriminella nätverken Romano och X-team i centrala Örebro.

De var hela tiden punktmarkerade av ett stort antal poliser, som både fotpatrullerade och följde efter i bilar. Vid 18-tiden hade de promenerat från Stortorget mot Våghustorget och sedan tillbaka mot Stortorget. I anslutning till baksidan av butiken Willys på Trädgårdsgatan stoppades de av polis och placerades mot en vägg - visitationer genomfördes.
- De är uppdelade i tre grupper och verkar totalt vara cirka 40 personer. En av dem fördes just till en polisbil, säger NA:s reporter på plats vid 18.15-tiden.

 Vid 18.30-tiden kom rapporter om att delar av gänget rörde sig via Järntorget och ned mot centralstationen. Polisen var fortfarande hack i häl. På Västra bangatan splittrades gänget och hoppade in i flera fordon.

I eftermiddags genomförde ett stort antal tungt beväpnade poliser en razzia mot personer i bilar på E 18. (NA)

October 27, 2014

Barrie Dinning Busted

The Edmonton Sun is reporting that Barrie Dinning from the Dirty Flu was busted and is facing a number of weapons charges for attempting to import brass knuckles, stun guns and large bowie knives into Bonnyville, Alberta north west of Edmonton.

On facebook he posted "Due to circumstances beyond my control I have no cell phone so please message me here until I get a new phone and number." Tap that b*tch. One of his friends asks what happened did you lose your phone? No he got his ass busted. Brass knuckles and bowie knives, now that's retro. That's something Santa shouldn't have in his sack.

Bad Dawg. I mean Barrie not Willie.

Barrie Dinning is a proud supporter of the Hells Angels.

Bishop busted again.

The Chronicle Herald is reporting that "An alleged member of the Bacchus motorcycle club appeared in court Monday after Halifax police seized what they say is a large amount of cocaine over the weekend. David James Bishop, 32, and Tammy May Bishop, 39, were arraigned in Halifax provincial court." The family that sells drugs together goes to jail together. Again.

April 2013 David Bishop was sentenced for drug trafficking in Halifax prison. He must have just been released. He sure couldn't have been out long before he got busted for the same thing. In his previous arrest the court was told Bishop wore Bacchus colours when he provided cocaine and steroids to an undercover agent. He's certainly not the sharpest tool in the shed. I guess that's why their logo is of a Roman soldier not a Greek god with a poked out eye and a condom over his nose.

The clown with 81 on his shirt means he's not a real boy yet, he's a Hells Angel puppet.

Now that's true love so it is.

Blogger's murder opens Pandora's Box

I've put together a memorial for the blogger that was recently murdered by the Mexican cartel. I checked out the town she was from and found that location opens two separate cans of worms that totally ties in with Operation Fast and Furious. Maria was from Reynosa in the state of Tamaulipas in Mexico which is a border town literally right across the river from Hidalgo, Texas.

In 2012 the Texas Observer reported that the state of Tamaulipas has become the “perfect dictatorship’s” most perfect creation. There exists an almost total censorship of the press and you will never see a public protest in the streets like you do in Juarez. Massive sums of money are made from the illegal trafficking of everything from drugs to human beings to pirated DVDs.

Last July I reported on the the Borderland Beat story about Hidalgo County where nine former lawmen were sentenced on federal drug charges, much of this involving a police drug unit ripping off drugs and escorting cars carrying drugs. Lupe Treviño, the former Hidalgo County Sheriff was sentenced to five years for taking money from a drug trafficker.

Last month Breitbart.com reported that a developing federal investigation has brought up allegations that a Hidalgo County Commissioner paid for votes with bags of cocaine during the democratic primaries in 2012. Attorney General Greg Abbott cited the allegation during a recent debate with Democratic contender Wendy Davis Texas.

August 2011 the Mayor and Police Chief of Columbus, Texas were both charged with arms trafficking for the Mexican cartel. Their brazen request that the FBI return the guns implied that they thought they were acting under the authority of a higher agency as was later discovered in Operation Fast and Furious.

The first thing that struck me about the Valor por Tamaulipas facebook group was the number of missing people they were reporting on. Evidently it's part of a human trafficking ring. My advice for them is not to post pictures of the Mexican cartel but keep posting pictures of people who go missing. Let's get those pictures viral so someone will recognize them where ever they turn up.

If you have pictures of the cartel, give them to the military, don't post them online. Let the people with guns deal with the people with guns. In the words of Reinhold Niebuhr "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can, And the wisdom to know the difference." Peace. Felina Memorial.

Bandas moteras criminales en Noruega

De kriminelle mc-gjengene har vokst i løpet av de tre siste årene, og har etablert seg i en rekke norske byer, ifølge Kripos. Etter nesten to år i prøvetid, er Outlaws MC Trondheim blitt fullverdige medlemmer av den verdensomspennende klubben. Det bekreftes av politiet i Sør-Trøndelag.
Årelang historie viser flere brutale eksempler på bandekrig, drap og voldsepisoder mellom de rivaliserende MC-klubbene Bandidos, Hells Angels og Outlaws. Nå er begge de to siste godt etablert i Trondheim. Ifølge påtalelederen ved Sør-Trøndelag politidistrikt er ikke persongalleriet i avdelingen Outlaws Trondheim særlig representert i politiets straffesaksregister.
- Samtidig er vi veldig klar over at dette tradisjonelt sett er kriminelle klubber som lever av kriminalitet. Vi kan ikke feie historien under teppet, vi kan se tilbake på en 60 år lang historie preget av drap og voldsutøvelser av mange av disse klubbenes medlemmer.

Utfordrer Hells Angels.
Ifølge Kripos-rapporten er det fortsatt Hells Angels som er den største klubben i Norge, målt i antall medlemmer. I løpet av de siste tre årene har alle MC-gjengene vokst, og Outlaws mest.

«Forholdet internt i de kriminelle mc-miljøene i Norge preges av en territoriell maktkamp mellom Hells Angels og deres støtteklubber på den ene siden og Outlaws på den andre. Hells Angels har i mange år hatt kontroll over mer eller mindre størstedelen av det etablerte miljøet i Norge. Det faktum at Outlaws nå utfordrer det hegemoni Hells Angels mener å besitte kan på mellomlang sikt føre til en konfrontasjon klubbene mellom», skriver Kripos i sin rapport.

Las bandas motoristas criminales han crecido a lo largo de los últimos tres años, y se han establecido en varias ciudades noruegas, según la Policía criminal. Después de casi dos años de período de prueba, el Outlaws MC Trondheim se ha convertido en miembro de pleno derecho en este club de ámbito mundial. Esto es corroborado por la policía de la provincia del sur de Trøndelag.

Una historia que abarca varias decenas de años muestra varios ejemplos brutales de guerra entre bandas, asesinatos y episodios violentos entre los clubes moteros que rivalizan entre sí como Bandidos, Hells Angels y Outlaws. Ahora están los dos últimos bien asentados en Trondheim. Según la jefatura de policía del distrito del sur de Trøndelag los miembros de Outlaws en Trondheim carecen de antecedentes penales.
-Al mismo tiempo tenemos muy claro que tradicionalmente estos clubes viven de la criminalidad. No podemos barrer la historia debajo de la alfombra, podemos mirar 60 años atrás sobre una historia llena de asesinatos y violencia por parte de muchos de los miembros.
Retan a Hells Angels.

Según el informe de la Policía criminal Hells Angels sigue siendo el mayor club en Noruega, si se mira el número de miembros. Los últimos tres años han crecido todas las bandas moteras, y especialmente Outlaws.

“Las relaciones internas en los círculos criminales moteros en Noruega están marcadas por una guerra territorial entre Hells Angels y sus clubes de apoyo por una parte y Outlaws por la otra. Hells Angels ha tenido durante muchos años el control sobre la mayor parte de los clubes establecidos en el país. El hecho de que Outlaws ahora esté amenazando la hegemonía que Hells Angels piensa que es suya puede a medio plazo conducir a una confrontación entre los clubes”, escribe la Policía criminal en su informe.

October 26, 2014

Gremium MC

Den tyska mc-klubben Gremium har för första gången etablerat sig i Sverige. En supportergrupp till klubben har skaffat en lokal i nordvärmländska Kärrbackstrand, skriver Värmlands Folkblad.
Enligt norsk polis är den tyska klubben på frammarsch internationellt.
– Vi har precis fått in uppgifterna om att Black Seven, som är en supportergrupp till Gremium, finns i Kärrbackstrand. Klubbens skyltar ska ha kommit upp i torsdags eller i fredags, säger en polis vid kriminalunderrättelsetjänsten i Värmland. Han vill vara anonym.
VF kunde redan i september berätta att polisen undersökte om den tyska mc-klubben Gremium var på väg att etablera sig i Värmland. Klubben etablerade sig i Norge under sommaren. Enligt norsk polis är Gremium på frammarsch internationellt och ”klubben är en motpol till både Bandidos MC och Hells Angels MC”.

Polisen menar att Gremiums etablering kan leda till konflikter med andra mc-klubbar, inte minst Hells Angels och Bandidos.

– Klubbar som Gremium är inte välkomna och de kan komma att kontaktas av andra klubbar som säger att de inte ska vara här, säger polismannen.
Han menar även att våld kan användas som ett verktyg för att få bort den nya klubben.

– Vi vet inte vem som äger fastigheten och vi vet inte hur många klubbmedlemmar som finns där, men vi kommer att kolla upp det här, säger polismannen.

Vidare anser han att grannar inte ska känna oro över etableringen.
– Erfarenhetsmässigt vet vi att det brukar bli en del fester, men sådana här grupperingar tjänar inget på att göra sig ovänner med allmänheten.

Enligt polismannen har Gremium ingen annan avdelning i Sverige men att fler nu kan komma att etableras.

– I Tyskland har Gremium hållit på med samma kriminella verksamhet som Hells Angels och Bandidos, säger den anonyme polismannen.
På frågan vilken kriminell verksamhet det handlar om, svarar han:
– All möjlig kriminalitet.

Stängs av som vakter för Bandidos-koppling

Fyra medlemmar i en mc-klubb i Halmstad arbetade som ordningsvakter samtidigt som polisen ansåg att deras klubb hade kopplingar till Bandidos.
Klubben uttrycker att de tar avstånd från kriminalitet och förespråkar goda förhållanden med myndigheter, men Hallandspolisen har observerat medlemmar på en stor Bandidos-fest i Hasslarp.

Trodde det var öppen fest

Den klubb som ordningsvakterna huserar i använde sig dessutom av titlar som vice president, sergeant at arms och prospect. Titlar som Hallandspolisen menar även hör hemma i den kriminella mc-miljön.
Ordningsvakterna har gemensamt meddelat polisen att festdeltagandet var ett missförstånd - de trodde att det var en öppen mc-träff de hamnat på.
Eftersom ordningsvakter företräder polisen är kombinationen olämplig, menar de, och nu får två av vakterna sina förordanden indragna.
De andra två männen får fortsätta vara vakter eftersom de nyligen lämnat mc-klubben, rapporterar P4 

Sveriges kriminella gäng kartlagda ( alltså inte via flashback )

De kriminella nätverken i Sverige blir allt fler och i dag finns problemet även på mindre orter. Det har visat sig när polisen nu för första gången har kartlagt gängverksamheten i Sverige.

Enligt rapporten Nationell översikt av kriminella nätverk med stor påverkan på lokalsamhället (pdf-fil, 29 sidor) finns 55 områden med identifierade kriminella nätverk i: Uppsala, Enköping, Gävle, Köping, Örebro, Stockholm, Södertälje, Eskilstuna, Norrköping, Linköping, Trollhättan, Borås, Göteborg, Falkenberg, Halmstad, Laholm, Landskrona, Malmö, Kristianstad, Alvesta, Växjö och Kalmar. Men inte ännu områden i Norrland.
Polisens rapport: Här finns nätverken (PDF)

Kartläggningen visar att det i dag finns problem med kriminella nätverk i 55 områden utspridda i 22 städer.
– Bara det säger att problemen är spridda även utanför storstäderna, säger Erik Nord, operativ chef på polisen i Västra Götaland.

De kriminella gängen skapar ett stort tryck på polisen. I Göteborg har det till exempel varit över 50 skottlossningar det senaste året, några på öppen gata och en stor del av dem handlar om uppgörelser mellan kriminella gäng.

När de kriminella gängen etablerar sig på mindre orter blir pressen på polisen där hård. Lilla Laholm i Halland är ett sådant exempel, berättar Erik Nord.
– De kriminella gängen försökte tråka polismännen och identifiera dem och följde efter både till och från jobbet i syfte att påverka de här polismännen och det är ju fullständigt oacceptabelt säger han.

Rapporten ska nu användas för att ta fram konkreta handlingsplaner i kampen mot de kriminella gängen. Ett arbete som måste ske på bred front, enligt Erik Nord.

– Vi ska gå ut och möta medborgarna och försöka leverera den polisverksamhet som de vill ha. Samtidigt ska vi försöka identifiera vilka kriminella nätverk som har en högre organisationsform, för de som säljer narkotika på gatan har någon som säljer till dem. Vi måste jobba från flera håll för att komma åt grogrunden som bildar den här kriminella verksamheten, säger han.

Ersätts för skott mot villa i Stigen

När polisen sköt mot en beväpnad man i Stigen i Färgelanda i mars i år träffade två av kulorna en villa som låg ungefär 200 meter bort. Nu ersätts husägaren för reparationskostnaderna.

Det var i mitten av mars som polisen, i samband med ett ingripande, sköt mannen i samhället Stigen utanför Färgelanda. Polisen skulle gripa den efterlysta mannen som var misstänkt för vapenbrott och hade kopplingar till till mc-gänget Bandidos och mannen kom då ut med en kniv i handen och riktade också en skarpladdad pistol mot polisen som då öppnade eld. Mannen fick allvarliga, men inte livshotande skador.

Två skott från polisen träffade villan som låg en bit bort. Efter att ha ansökt om ersättning får nu husägaren 28 750 kronor i ersättning av Rikspolisstyrelsen för reparationer av fasaden, skriver tidningen.

En förundersökning mot polisen har lagts ned eftersom åklagaren ansåg att skotten avlossades i en nödvärnssituation.

Sverigedemokraternas ledamot i Svenljungas kommunstyrelse har ett förflutet som ledare för Bandidos.

Han var tidigare president för Bandidos Boråsavdelning och har avtjänat flera fängelsedomar.
Micael Persson, 42, fanns inte på valbar plats på någon av Sverigedemokraternas listor inför valet eftersom han är nyinflyttad i kommunen.

Däremot nominerade SD i Svenljunga honom till partiets plats i kommunstyrelsen, en nominering som röstades igenom av kommunfullmäktige i måndags.

– Jag var aktiv inom Socialdemokraterna fram tills jag var 25 år. Sen hände något, kalla det en 30-årskris eller något, och jag gick med i en MC-klubb. Det ställde till allting. Jag ångrar inte tiden i MC-klubben, men jag ångrar straffen. Och det är fel sätt att protestera, genom att ställa sig utanför samhället, säger han.

Det är inte alltid helt okomplicerat att lämna ett MC-gäng? – Nej, men det beror på hur man har levt, hur mycket dumheter man har gjort, hur stora skulder man har. Jag har aldrig gjort något dumt i den miljön. Men visst känner man sig ensam, man känner sig utanför.

Han berättar hur hans gamla samhällsengagemang väcktes till liv i samband med det sista fängelsestraffet, hur han insåg att det inte går att förändra samhället om man väljer att stå utanför det.

– Jag såg MC-gänget som ett engagemang, tyckte det var roligt och häftigt, och en protest mot politiken och resten av samhället. Men sent ska syndaren vakna, som man säger. Att bara vara emot leder ingen vart.

Micael Persson berättar också hur han sett att kulturen kring MC-gäng blivit allt råare under åren.
– Jag intervjuades ju i BT, och ville då försöka få det legitimt. Men miljön gick åt fel håll, det blev grövre och grövre. I dag lyfter knappt någon på ögonbrynen när någon blir mördad, så får det bara inte vara.

Hur ställer sig SD på riksnivå till hans bakgrund? – Det har vi inte pratat med dem om. Vi är ju fristående från dem.
Micael Persson själv säger att han visst har informerat partiet om sin bakgrund.
– Jag har lagt korten på bordet från dag ett, att jag varit med i Bandidos, att den senaste domen är fyra år gammal och att jag valt att byta liv. Jag visste att det här skulle komma fram förr eller senare.

Oj kära nån... det är ju verkligen graverande. Det här visste jag inte alls, säger hon angående SD-ledamotens bakgrund som president för Bandidos Boråsavdelning med ett flertal fängelsedomar i bagaget.

Micael Persson valdes in för Sverigedemokraterna i Svenljungas kommunstyrelse, trots att han inte stod på valsedlarna inför valet.
Men han har ett kriminellt förflutet, som inte ligger långt tillbaka i tiden.

RADIO: Sverigedemokraternas nyvalde kommunstyrelseledamot i Svenljunga, Micael Persson, har tidigare varit president för en av mc-gänget Bandidos lokalavdelningar.

Original Gangsters brer ut sig i Jönköping

Original Gangsters breder ut sig.
Nu har de på allvar etablerat sig i Jönköping, enligt polisen.
– Möjligtvis kan det vara en konkurrensgrej, att visa rivalerna på stora muskler och många medlemmar, säger Lars Öjelind på Rikskriminalpolisen.
Denho Acar, ledare för OG. Foto: Sven Lindwall
Denho Acar, ledare för OG.
Nu har de på allvar etablerat sig i Jönköping, enligt polisen.
– Möjligtvis kan det vara en konkurrensgrej, att visa rivalerna på stora muskler och många medlemmar, säger Lars Öjelind på Rikskriminalpolisen.

Beredda att gå långt

– Det är ett nätverk som begår brott, det är så vi ser dem. Inom den organiserade brottsligheten är man beredd att gå väldigt långt. Men oavsett gäng så vill vi inte ha dem i vårt län.
Enligt JP ska OG ha varit inblandad i en skjutning i Öxnehaga i somras där en 20-årig man skadades.
Lars Öjelind, biträdande chef på underrättelsesektionen på Rikskriminalpolisen, förklarar att det inte behöver innebära att ett gäng kriminella har flyttat till Jönköping.
– De kriminella elementen finns där och sedan sätter de på sig tröjor eller västar. Då kan gömma sig bakom varumärket i syfte att begå brott. Men de är lika kriminella utan tröjan, så det är individerna som är det intressanta, inte gängen.
Själva expansionen kan vara en markering till andra gäng.
– Möjligtvis kan det vara en konkurrensgrej, att visa rivalerna på stora muskler och många medlemmar. Det har vi sett bland mc-gängen, eskalerar ena gänget, eskalerar även det andra.

Misslyckande att ta i

Ronald Malmkvist berättar att det sedan tidigare finns organiserad brottslighet i Jönköpings län. OG:s etablering kan ha inneburit konflikter.
– Jag säger inte att det är så men det skulle vara så att det kan ha varit någon form av konkurrens när något gäng vill ta över områden eller verksamheter, så som stöld- eller narkotikaverksamhet.
Han förklarar att det har varit svårt att stoppa etableringen.
– Vi har inte möjlighet att hindra människor från att träffa varandra. När de träffas måste de begå brott för att vi ska kunna öppna vår verktygslåda.
I verktygslådan ligger lagstiftningen.
– Det är som med annan brottslighet att vi måste bevisa i tingsrätten att det står utom allt rimligt tvivel att personen är skyldig. Vi kommer att fortsätta jobba som med annan brottslighet. Det finns inga särskilda satsningar just nu, säger Ronald Malkvist.
Är det ett misslyckande att OG har kunnat etablera sig?
– Misslyckande är att ta i. Vi tycker inte om det, men det är bara att kämpa på.

Her er den ekte politimannen

John Malden og Tobias Santelmann - KONSULENT: Pensjonert politimann, John Malden, har både fungert som inspirasjon og konsulent til rollen som Lars i Øyevitne, traktert av skuespiller Tobias Santelmann. - Foto: Anette Torjusen / NRK

KONSULENT: Pensjonert politimann, John Malden, har både fungert som
inspirasjon og konsulent til rollen som Lars i Øyevitne, traktert av skuespiller Tobias Santelmann.
Foto: Anette Torjusen / NRK

– Da jeg skulle møte John for første gang fikk jeg beskjed om å se etter mannen i lokalet som så minst ut som en politimann. Da jeg fikk øye på John var jeg ikke i tvil, smiler skuespiller Tobias Santelmann.

– God mann å snakke med

I den kritikerroste krimserien «Øyevitne» spiller Tobias Santelmann politimannen Lars, som jobber i Oslopolitiets avdeling for organisert kriminalitet, i enheten for Spesielle Operasjoner.
Mannen som er inspirasjon for denne skikkelsen, heter John Malden og har jobbet i Oslo-politiet i over 30 år, men er nå pensjonert.
Tobias Santelmann - MC-MILJØ: Tobias Santelmann spiller Lars i serien Øyevitne, en etterforsker som også er ihuga biker.NRK
MC-MILJØ: Tobias Santelmann spiller Lars i serien Øyevitne, en etterforsker som også er ihuga biker.
Foto: NRK
Mesteparten av tiden har han jobbet i avdelingen for organisert kriminalitet, i enheten som i dag heter Spesielle Operasjoner (tidligere gått under navn som blant annet Narkotikapolitiet, Uropatruljen, skjult spaning, etterretning, vitnebeskyttelse, gjengprosjektet og MC-gruppa).
– Det var en trygghet å ha John med på settet. Da vi skulle spille inn kompliserte scener med mange involverte, var John en god mann å snakke med, forteller Santelmann, og fortsetter:
– Vi ville lage et virkelighetsnært og troverdig miljø i politiet. Jeg spurte ofte om scenene vi spilte inn, faktisk kunne skjedd. Kan man for eksempel snakke slik til overordnende som vi gjør i serien, sier han.
– Ja, det kan man så absolutt. Det er takhøyde, skyter Malden inn.
John Malden og Tobias Santelmann - INPIRASJON: Tobias Santelmann spiller tøff etterforsker i Øyevitne. John Malden, som er pensjonert politimann, har vært konsulent i tillegg til å ha en liten rolle. - Foto: Anette Torjusen / NRK
INPIRASJON: Tobias Santelmann spiller tøff etterforsker i Øyevitne. John Malden, som er pensjonert politimann, har vært konsulent i tillegg til å ha en liten rolle.
Foto: Anette Torjusen / NRK
Malden kunne vært hentet ut av en MC-bande, med skinnvest, tatoveringer og smykker. Det er lite som vitner om at denne mannen i en årrekke har vært lovens beskytter. Man kan fort gå i fella og tro det motsatte.
– Når jeg sier takhøyde, gjelder det også på hvordan vi kan kle oss i politiet. Jeg er meg sjøl og er glad i motorsykler. I politiet er det ikke vits i å prøve å være noen annen enn seg sjøl. Det gjennomskues fort og blir bare verre, sier han.

– Kjenner de kriminelle miljøene

Med 30 år på baken har han erfaring i bøtter og spann, noe regissøren bak «Øyevitne», Jarl Emsell Larsen, har benyttet seg av.
Malden har vært en viktig konsulent helt siden tv-suksessen «Fox Grønland». Han var i sin tid også initiativtaker til politiets MC-klubb «Iron Pigs» og også hans kjennskap til bande-miljøet, har kommet godt med i «Øyevitne».
– John kjenner de kriminelle miljøene, vet hva som skjer hvis politiet bryter egne grenser. I tillegg har han vært en viktig konsulent på MC-miljøet. Han er en biker og kan alt om det tekniske på sykler. Og så er han jo veldig eksotisk. Han ser ikke ut som politi og det er ikke så mange som kjenner så mange kriminelle som han, forteller Emsell Larsen.
Jarl Emsell Larsen - LANGVARIG SAMARBEID: Regissør Jarl Emsell Larsen har i en årrekke samarbeidet med John Malden i forbindelse med politirelaterte serier. - Foto: Anette Torjusen / NRK
LANGVARIG SAMARBEID: Regissør Jarl Emsell Larsen har i en årrekke samarbeidet med John Malden i forbindelse med politirelaterte serier.
Foto: Anette Torjusen / NRK
Han legger ikke skjul på at det er mye av Malden i Lars i «Øyevitne», selv om de to er ganske så forskjellige.
– Jeg kjenner meg jo litt igjen, mye er tatt på kornet, humrer Malden, som synes serien er svært virkelighetsnær.
– Det er få jeg kjenner som gjør så grundig research som Jarl og han kjenner godt til politiets arbeidsmetoder. Derfor blir det også realistisk , sier han.
Tobias Santelmann - ETTERFORSKER: Tobias Santelmann spiller etterforsker med interesse for motorsykler i serien Øyevitne. NRK
ETTERFORSKER: Tobias Santelmann spiller etterforsker med interesse for motorsykler i serien Øyevitne.
Foto: NRK
For Santelmann har det vært moro å spille Lars.
– Det er gøy å være en type som er annerledes, og selv om det er mange forskjeller mellom John og Lars, er det også mange fellestrekk. De er begge fryktelig hekta på sykkel og miljøet rundt. Det er også tydelig at begge brenner for den jobben de gjør.
Karakteren Lars er lojal mot kollegaer og strekker seg langt, men går ikke alltid etter boka.
– Lars er en raus type, som ikke lar seg slå i bakken. En fin person. Og så fikk jeg lov til å kjegle med Anneke (von der Lippe), flirer han.
John Malden , Jarl Emsell Larsen og Tobias Santelmann - JOBBER TETT: Regissør Jarl Emsell Larsen, Tobias Santelmann og John Malden har jobbet hard for at Øyevitne-serien skal fremstå troverdig og realistisk. - Foto: Anette Torjusen / NRK
JOBBER TETT: Regissør Jarl Emsell Larsen, Tobias Santelmann og John Malden har jobbet hard for at Øyevitne-serien skal fremstå troverdig og realistisk.
Foto: Anette Torjusen / NRK

October 24, 2014

Larry Mizen found dead - Update

CTV is reporting that Surrey's most ruthless drug debt enforcer was found dead in a Surrey basement at 136 Street and 110A Avenue around 8:30 p.m. Sunday night This is big news. If he wasn't responsible for Janice Shore's murder he knew who was. One source claims he used to work for Len Pelletier and lenny's cousin John Crowston. Kevin Diakiw wrote an article on Larry Mizen.

Above is an old picture of Len Pelletier standing beside Chuck Liddell with his cousin John Crowston on the far left of the picture and his other cousin Bob Green on the far right of the picture. I have a source that claims John, Lenny and Eric Montgomery ran houses in Surrey, Langley and Aldergrove. Eric Montgomery is Cliff Mongomery's brother. Eric moved to Abbotsford while Lenny kept doing business in Surrey for you know who. He went to Burnsview. His son took over the 856.

One has to wonder if Larry Mizen is dead because some drug addict he was beating the life out of finally pulled a gun and shot him or if his employer terminated his contract. Everyone in the club seems to hate Lenny but put up with him because he makes money and hides behind Bob Green.

There seems to be a fair bit of overlap in jurisdiction when it comes to Surrey. Bob Green and Glen Hehn are with the Nomads but long time Surrey crystal meth cook Kerry Ryan Renaud worked for John Punko and the East Van Hells Angels. The court was told the East Vancouver Hells Angels hired contract killer Mickie (Phil) Smith to kill Paul Percy Soluk at a crack house in Surrey. Smith said a man he called Yurik helped him chop up and dispose of the body. Smith said "Yurik's not an Angel but he works with the Angels. I know he's done a lot of hits." Yurik didn't just do a few hits, he ran several crack houses in Surrey for the Hells Angles at the time. He's dead now too.

According to a US Indictment Randy Jones and the Whiterock Hells Angels (I mean the new Surrey Girls chapter) are deeply involved in the Surrey drug trade as well. Randy's brother Trevor is still waiting to be extradited on those charges. That was another huge cross border pot for cocaine drug ring tied to the Hells Angels. TBarz which is now called Shakerz was listed in court documents as the hub of that operation.

The road was still blocked off Monday night and IHIT had a tent set up. He was found in the house beside the apartment building. Locals say all the windows in the house were smashed and it was boarded up but apparently it was still being used as a crack house. All the pictures I have of Larry are from his public Facebook profile and are copyright free. The media is free to use them at will.

Right after Larry was found dead Scan BC reported that #Surrey #RCMP are investigating multiple reports of two vehicles shooting at each other at 100th Ave & 129 St. Casings found on the ground.

Update: Front Page of today's Vancouver Province was a picture of Larry Mizen holding that giant meat cleaver sword with the caption Whalley Monster Taken down. Very dramatic indeed. Yet this time the story calls for it. My pet peeve is the ridiculous reference to the Bacon brothers as being notorious that all the media outlets keep repeating like parrots. The Bacon brothers were not notorious. They were suburban princesses empowered by Larry Amero and the Hells Angels.

Although Larry Mizen was much more notorious than the Bacon brothers it's still not a word I'd use to describe him. I'd refer to him as ruthless and deranged not notorious. There is not a snowballs chance in hell Jamie Bacon would try and tax Larry Mizen simply because like Ryan Renaud, Larry was already working for the Big Red Machine. Why do you think he lasted so long?

In today's article the Vancouver Province interviewed a couple people who knew Larry. Let's apply those states to the test of believability so we can separate fact from fiction to clearly discern what has happened. Two facts presented in the article are the claims that Larry was associated with bikers and the Surrey House of Horrors. Those are facts. The claim that he was a renegades that would steel from the gangs including the Hells Angels is absurd. If he ever stole from the Hells Angels, he would not have been permitted to work for so many years. He was permitted to work so long because he was working for them.

It's quite possible the Hells Angels pulled a Juel Stanton and terminated his contract. Not because they didn't approve of all the hard work he did for them over the years but because he got them some bad press. The article claims "according to neighbors who have spoken with detectives, Mizen’s bloody body was found in the bathroom of his suite." I spoke with one of his neighbors Monday night. He said previously all the windows in that place had been broken and were boarded up. That would have been a message to leave town and that his contract was terminated. They came back to finish the job.

I have a source that claims Larry worked for Len Pelletier. Does that mean Pelletier's next to get capped? Unlikely because he is a money maker. Ron Lising and his merry band of misfits liked to TAX Lenny's guy's at every opportunity. It became a good source of income for them. The claim that Larry frequented the Surrey House of Horrors but never participated in any of the tortures that went on there is not believable. The Hells Angles ran the House of Horrors. Larry was an enforcer for them. He was directly involved in the violence associated with that hell hole.

Ottawa Shooting

Well it's all over the news. A Canadian solider was shot dead today in Ottawa near the Parliament buildings. The timing of this staged event is obscenely suspicious. Right before Harper and Trudeau Jr. passed an illegal bill that violated the Charter of Rights, CSIS foiled a terrorist bomb plot on Via Rail they set up to gain public support for the illegal bill. In Australia, right before parliament was to debate a similar bill doing away with civil liberty, their terrorist police shot an innocent man dead pretending he was a terrorist.

Today we have a radicalized white guy shoot a Canadian solder dead. Let me tell you that radicalized Islamic terrorists don't smoke pot or do PCP. This staged side show is to give Harper support for another absurdity. After CSIS was caught read handed by the RCMP for doing Air India, instead of charging them with murder Harper wants to give them more power to continue to break the Charter of Rights and use tax dollars to set up staged events like the Toronto 18. How about a task force to help CSIS find the 3.1 billion tax dollars they stole from their budget.

10:30 AM as the news was breaking live, the US department of defense was on hand to give their report. What on earth did the US department of defense have to do with this staged event? Did they set it up like the Surrey Pressure cooker fraud? Today is the day Canadian truthers have feared. The day when Canadian intelligence organizations would cross that sacred line like British and US intelligence agencies have done in the past. When instead of simply foiling a terrorist plot they set up, they actually murdered an innocent man. Today is a dark day indeed. Before giving CSIS more tax dollars to set up any more terrorist attacks and more power to break the Charter of Rights, they need to be criminally charged in the Air India bombing.

"While it is too early to jump to conclusions, I intend to hold fast to the following: we must ensure that this appalling act of violence is not used to justify a disproportionate response... We need to protect our rights and liberties in a democracy. We do know that through history these kinds of events open the door to a loss of democracy. Naomi Klein details the elements of seizing the opportunity created by tragedy or tumult in Shock Doctrine. The title of her new and important book on climate, This Changes Everything, is correct – the threat of the climate crisis changes everything. The shootings on Parliament Hill do not change everything. It is up to all of us to ensure that, to the extent we encounter demands for change, we keep in the forefront of our minds that once we surrender any rights it is very difficult to restore them." Elizabeth May

Is BC Safe from CSIS? Certainly Not!

In contrast today's Vancouver Province is dripping with absurdities. The dramatic headline reads: Parliament Attacked Is BC Safe? Page after page was filled with ridiculous articles festering the insanity. One article citing the shooters BC connection admits he was charged with robbery December 2011. Don't you think that's a bit suspicious? Muslim extremists get all freaked out about minor religious rules. They don't steal. That's a big one. They think if your hand causes you to steal you should cut off the person's hand. It is extremism. So any guy with a criminal record for theft or having pot and PCP is not a radicalized Muslim.

To my surprise even Michael Smyth jumped on the band wagon by bringing up the ultimate absurdity. The headline to his column in the printed edition read: Tragedy brings back memories of BC plot. Are you kidding me? The Canada Day plot was a bold faced lie. John Nuttall was originally charged March 2nd. Long before any Canada Day foiled plot.

Michael Smyth's article goes off about "That beautiful sunny day saw the front lawn of the legislature crowded with celebrating families. The thought of anyone contemplating the murder of so many innocents — including hundreds of children — seemed bizarre and surreal that day. Then you watch and listen to the madness in Ottawa, and you suddenly realize there’s nothing unreal about terror and hate. It can strike at the heart of any of our institutions at any time. That’s why the authorities must be vigilant to protect all Canadians everywhere." Did you really write that or did they just put your name on a CSIS press release?

That was the exact scenario CSIS dreamed up. John Nuttal did not have the means or the motive to carry out such a heinous crime but CSIS did. CSIS had the means, the motive and the previous criminal record for doing exactly that. CSIS gave John Nuttall the pressure cookers. They had food in them. They had no idea how to make a bomb out of them. The BC Pressure cooker fraud is the exact reason we need to investigate CSIS for this tragedy in Ottawa.

The police are asking anyone with any information about this crime to contact them. I have a tip for the police. Investigate CSIS. When you find out this radicalized Muslim with a criminal record for theft and drugs was connected to CSIS watch how fast they shut you up as a matter of national security just like they did when the RCMP investigated Michael Riconosciuto. The dejected officer shakes his head. "We got further than anyone else ever did on this case," he says, "and nobody outside of law enforcement will ever know what we found because no one in law enforcement can ever tell anyone what we found." I can tell you that if they found out that Michael Riconosciuto was guilty they'd be able to tell the world. The only possible thing they found that they can't tell the world is that he was innocent and everything he said about then agency was true but they can't confirm that because it's a matter of national security. Not. Oath Keepers arise.

Today we read that Squamish Nation councillors were stripped of powers after $1.5 million of emergency fund largely unaccounted for. How about stripping CSIS of powers after they reported $3.1 billion unaccounted for. Instead, Harper wants to give CSIS more power and pledges tougher security laws after this attack. Imagine that.

This attack was clearly staged. It was planned ahead of time. It serves as a tactical diversion for passing illegal bills in parliament that do away with civil liberty. Compare the US Patriot Act with the Soviet Criminal Act. When diversions like this occur, watch parliament and Defend Civil Liberty. They just passed Bill C-13 which is illegal. What CSIS did to Air India is no laughing matter.

Hells Angels lose Ontario Liquor Licence Appeal

Back on track. QMI Agency is reporting on the the decision by the Ontario Licence Appeal Tribunal to strip Robert Barletta's strip club, Famous Flesh Gordon's, of its liquor licence. The decision lists some of the criminal activity the Ontario Hells Angels have committed that support their criminal organization status.

The Ontario Court of Appeal ruled a bar owner can be denied a liquor licence simply because he is a member of the Hells Angels. The written reasons and supporting facts of the decision " reveal a dozen full-patch Hells Angels and three "hangarounds" with 105 criminal convictions between them, as well as a new support club of at least four members, with 17 convictions between them. Last week, the tribunal ruled Barletta's connection to a criminal organization suggests he cannot carry on the business 'with law and integrity and honesty' -- requirements of the Liquor Licence Act." This is a copy of the reasons for judgement. The support club is the Gatekeepers.

October 23, 2014

Morddömde ledarens brevväxling med Acar

Alexander Ivanovic dömdes till livstidsfängelse för två mord och fyra mordförsök. Han har överklagat hovrättens dom till Högsta domstolen. Kontakten med utsidan är begränsad men Ivanovic har fått brev från OG-presidenten Denho Acar.
NÄSSJÖ/BERGSJÖN/SOLLENTUNA. Original gangsters vicepresident Alexander Ivanovic, 32, sitter på häktet i Sollentuna i väntan på att Högsta domstolen ska ta ställning till om livstidsdomen mot honom ska prövas igen.

Kontakten med utsidan är begränsad men Ivanovic har fått brev från OG-presidenten Denho Acar.
– Han säger att "en vicepresident går inte och skjuter folk", säger Ivanovic till GT.

Både tingsrätten och hovrätten ansåg att Alexander Ivanovic, vicepresident i Original Gangsters, gjort sig skyldig till två mord och fyra mordförsök och dömde honom till livstids fängelse.
Alexander Ivanovic hävdar dock att han är oskyldig, vilket han berättar när han ringer från häktet i Sollentuna.
– Jag har gjort mycket skit i mitt liv, men jag har aldrig dödat någon, säger han i samtalet.
Han tror att hans roll i OG påverkat hur hans fall bedömts.
– Jag är dömd på det jag är medlem i, känns det som.

Alexander Ivanovic har tagit hjälp av Göteborgsadvokaten Björn Hurtig och överklagat domen till Högsta domstolen. Han vill frikännas från samtliga brott.

Begränsad kontakt med omvärlden

I väntan på HD:s beslut sitter han nu alltså i Sollentuna. Kriminalvårdens godkännande om att Ivanovic får ringa till GT gör att han kan kontakta oss. I övrigt är kontakten med omvärlden begränsad. Han vet inte ens om han fortfarande är vicepresident i Original gangsters.
– Jag får inte ha någon kontakt med någon på utsidan men det ser nog likadant ut. Men jag har inte fått någon uppdatering på det där, säger Alexander Ivanovic och gissar att någon annan, tillfälligt, har tagit över hans roll.

En som han ändå har haft kontakt med är Denho Acar, OG:s president.
– På brev, säger Alexander Ivanovic.

Hur ser han på detta?
– Han förstår ingenting heller. Han säger att "en vicepresident går inte och skjuter folk".
Alexander Ivanovic fortsätter:
– Jag ska vara ärlig. Jag har gjort mitt slit. Jag trodde att jag hade gjort färdigt mina fängelseturer.
"Gjort mitt slit" säger du - krävs en del för att komma upp i den positionen du har?
– Jo, det är väl klart, det förstår väl alla att ja... Det ligger lite bakom. Men jag har aldrig gjort ett mord. Så långt har jag aldrig gått.
Alexander Ivanovic förekommer under 28 avsnitt i belastningsregistret. Han har flera fängelsestraff bakom sig. Nu senast för bedrägeri och innan det grovt vapenbrott.

Mordet i Nässjö

Det första mordet Ivanovic dömts för ägde rum i Nässjö i februari i fjol. Då hade han precis blivit frisläppt från ett tidigare fängelsestraff.
I Nässjö besköts ett oskyldigt par i 60-årsåldern i sitt hem. De båda träffades i huvudet, mannen avled direkt och hans fru skadades svårt men överlevde. Dock avled kvinnan i samband med rättegången i våras.
Polis och åklagare har utgått från att parets sköts av misstag. Det tänkta offret tros vara en tidigare granne till paret som anlitat OG för att driva in en skuld men sedan inte betalat tillräckligt för deras tjänst.

Man sköts i Bergsjön

Några månader efter Nässjömordet sköts en 43-årig man ihjäl i sitt hem i Bergsjön. Han stod i köket när någon sköt fyra skott in genom fönstret. I köket fanns ytterligare tre personer varav en träffades men överlevde.
Gällande Denho Acar så pågår en rättsprocess även mot honom, men i Turkiet. Han är misstänkt för inblandning i en rad brott så som utpressning, mordbrand och mordförsök, däribland brandattentatet mot Café Vasa i Göteborg 2006.
Efter detta flydde han till Turkiet och var efterlyst i flera år. Men i somras tog turkiska myndigheter över lagföringen av OG-presidenten.

October 19, 2014

The Canadian Connection: Flooding the U.S. with dope

By David Amoruso - Gangsters Inc.

Until authorities took it down, the Bonanno crime family in New York, the Sinaloa Cartel in Mexico, and the Rizzuto clan and Hells Angels in Montreal ran one hell of a lucrative drug pipeline. One that made its participants hundreds of millions of dollars and gave legions of drug users their fix. Nothing new there really. However, where the pipeline was usually run by the American mob this one was run from Canada, by French-Canadian gangsters working closely with their colleagues in various factions of the Montreal underworld.

Montreal’s criminal element had come to dominate the drug trade in North America and this pipeline was just the latest example. Still, on the surface things seemed just like they were during the American mob’s good ol’ days.


To the people in New York he was known as “Big Man,” and he had all the right connections to get you high. Staten Islander John Venizelos was doing very well with his crew of dealers, moving thousands of pounds of marijuana from stash houses into the hands of eager clients. One ledger obtained by police showed nearly $4 million in marijuana transfers to Venizelos in an eight-month period alone.

When you are moving that much weight and making that much cash you better get some protection as well. “Big Man” Venizelos got it from the Bonanno crime family, one of five Mafia families operating in New York. As a mob associate Venizelos was put on record as being with the Bonannos. As the movie cliché goes: No one could touch him now.

With drug money flowing in, Venizelos was keeping up appearances as manager of “Jaguars 3,” a strip club/restaurant in Brooklyn owned by Vincent “Vinny Green” Faraci, a Bonanno family soldier who formerly managed the “Crazy Horse Too” strip club in Las Vegas. There, Venizelos was being groomed for “the life.”

Does all of this sound familiar? It should. The Bonanno crime family has a long history of involvement in the drug trade. It’s only normal that Venizelos would work with this particular mob family. Ever since the days of Joseph Bonanno, the family’s namesake and first boss, have the Bonannos had a taste for the riches the drug trade provides.


In the 1950s, Bonanno sent his underboss Carmine Galante to Canada to set up shop and plant a flag for the New York Mafia family. Galante gathered some good men around him who were made into the Bonanno family in New York. Operating out of Montreal in Quebec, Canada, Galante oversaw the lucrative heroin pipeline destined for New York. The “Americans” were in total control.

There is one big difference between those days and how things are being run now, though. Today, the American Mafia has no control or say in the pipeline. They are on the receiving end as customers. Their days of calling the shots in Canada came to a gradual end somewhere in the 1990s when the Montreal faction led by Vito Rizzuto had become more powerful than all five New York families combined and stopped paying tribute to their supposed boss back in the United States.

While members of the Bonanno crime family in New York were scheming their way to a payday of a couple million dollars at best, the Rizzutos in Montreal were making hundreds of millions from drug trafficking, construction, extortion, and many other shady dealings. All of it on a global scale. The clan was even linked to the multi-billion dollar plans for the construction of a bridge between Calabria and Sicily. By then, the Rizzutos also had money pouring in from legitimate investments.
Using his influence, charisma, and people skills, Vito Rizzuto, as did his father Nick before him, had managed to keep the Montreal underworld not just in check, but working together, all the while expanding their criminal empire. No small feat when you consider that this city is inhabited by battle hardened Hells Angels, the Irish West End gang, French-Canadian gangsters, and various ethnic street gangs.

In 1999, the Rizzuto Clan effectively controlled the Montreal underworld. The streets were peaceful and, above all, profitable.

In January of that year, a young man by the name of Jimmy Cournoyer pleaded guilty to drug charges. Together with his brother, Jimmy was running a marijuana grow op inside an apartment they shared in Laval, Montreal. With the money they made dealing pot, the pair financed another, bigger, grow op at a chalet in a ski resort in the Laurantians north of Montreal. Not bad for a teenager.

But despite his success, Cournoyer was still just a young, cocky kid. One that needed to boast and chat about his criminal exploits. It wasn’t long before he told an undercover police agent about his marijuana business, after also selling him some weed.

So there he stood in court at the start of a new year. Ready to face the music. The tune he heard must have sounded like the best song in the world. The judge only sentenced him to a fine. He was free to go.

Young Jimmy Cournoyer (right) went straight back to work.
He proved to be a master at bringing different parties together. Just like the Rizzutos did, but on a much smaller scale. For Cournoyer it was only the beginning, though. He had big plans.

Instead of redecorating his own living space with pot plants again, Cournoyer reached out to residents of the Kanesatake reserve near Montreal. On these Native-American reserves in North America the rules become blurry and law enforcement tends to lose focus. Cournoyer and his aboriginal partners made full use of these circumstances and moved large quantities of marijuana from Canada to the United States, where it sold for more than twice the price.

It was good money, but not enough for the entrepreneurial drug dealer. He wanted more, and he wanted it fast. His operation expanded into other drugs, like ecstasy. And the Indian reserve near Montreal became a transit point for drugs, guns, and Money.

But it remained difficult to fly under the radar of law enforcement. After a good run, Cournoyer and his gang of aboriginal smugglers were busted by the RCMP and he was off to prison again.

After his release from prison in 2007, Cournoyer remained an incorrigible criminal. He had spent his time in prison thinking solely about expanding his narcotics empire. While on parole and living in a halfway house, he began building new partnerships to reboot his drug business. He met with members of the Rizzuto Clan and the Hells Angels and got them onboard. He also linked up with contacts in the United States and Mexico, bringing his drug ring to a full circle.

He was moving cocaine from the Sinaloa Cartel in Mexico to the Rizzuto Clan in North America, marijuana from Canada to the United States, and guns and money from the United States to Canada. By now he wasn’t just known as Jimmy Cournoyer, but as “Superman,” the man who supplied most of the East Coast with marijuana. Authorities later claimed Cournoyer trafficked $1 billion in marijuana, cocaine, and ecstasy between 1998 and 2012.

His success was visible. He owned a $2-million-dollar Bugatti Veyron sports car, partied with celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, sparred with retired UFC champion Georges St-Pierre, and dated supermodel Amelia Racine.

Photo above: Georges St-Pierre, Jimmy Cournoyer, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

All gangland success stories tend to follow the same path. Everyone started from the bottom, climbed up, reached the top of the heap, only to fall down before they could really enjoy their success.
The fall always comes as a surprise.

When Jimmy Cournoyer (right) was flying from Montreal to Cancun, Mexico, on February 16, 2012, he was probably thinking about cocktails and hot girls, some new drug deal he could set up. He was definitely not expecting to be seized by Mexican border agents and put on a plane to the United States to face drug charges. Yet, that was exactly what happened.

Several months later, on November 27, 2012, DEA agents in the United States arrested “Big John” Venizelos. They charged the 33-year-old with conspiracy to import marijuana, use of firearms and money laundering conspiracy.

Apparently, Venizelos saw his downfall coming. A few days before his arrest, he started threatening possible witnesses against him.

The American Mafia has a long history of threatening, influencing, bribing, and unrepentantly killing witnesses against it. It’s how John Gotti earned the nickname “Teflon Don.” With his status as an associate of the Bonanno crime family, Venizelos should have no problem using the Mafia’s reputation to scare potential witnesses straight.

But instead of dropping the name of the Bonanno family or any of its members, he dropped the name of French-Canadian Jimmy Cournoyer.

According to a letter that Brooklyn Assistant US Attorney Steven Tiscione wrote to a judge, “Venizelos sent an encrypted message” to a co-conspirator, warning that person “that he/she had better hope that Cournoyer or members of his organization never found out that [the co-conspirator] had spoken with law enforcement agents because Cournoyer has $2 million set aside to pay for the murder of cooperating witnesses.”

Included in the letter were encrypted messages from Venizelos that government experts just recently deciphered. One of them reads: “Seriously bro. I know [Cournoyer] has like 2 mil...just to pay guys to handle that once he sentenced.”

Murder fund or not, it was of no use to Venizelos and Cournoyer. Several former associates had started lining up to testify against them in court.

After all other options disappeared from the table, “Big Man” pleaded guilty and hoped for the best. At his sentencing on August 19, 2014, the judge handed the 35-year-old Bonanno associate 11 years. He will still be a relatively young man when he gets out.

Cournoyer saw no other way out either. Despite all his connections and millions set aside to intimidate or murder witnesses, the best he could do in court was present the judge with letters of support from friends that highlighted the drug boss’ more human side.

The most surprising letter came from retired UFC champion Georges St-Pierre. The MMA superstar is known for his class, politeness, and upstanding lifestyle and behavior in and outside the cage. He wrote: “My name is Georges St-Pierre, world UFC champion. I am writing this letter regarding my really good friend Jimmy Cournoyer.”

He writes that the two first met at a restaurant in 2009 and later travelled together to Ibiza, an island in the Mediterranean Sea, for a couple of days.

“We had the time of our life. Jimmy became like a brother to me. We travelled together, we trained together, we were going to restaurants, clubs and having a lot of fun. Jimmy is a very loyal friend who I respect very much. I’ve never judged Jimmy. Actually, what he was doing (with) his life wasn’t any of my business. We have a very human relationship; we share the same passions, which is sport fitness and martial arts.”

St-Pierre also writes how he has visited Cournoyer twice in jail since his arrest.
“His mental toughness will help him go through this very hard ordeal in his life. Jimmy is a very positive and strong person and I am sure he will learn huge lessons about all that. I am giving a lot of support to Jimmy because he deserves it. I told him last time I visited him that when he comes out of jail, I will have a place for him in my surrounding(s),” the former UFC champion wrote.

Whether it was St-Pierre’s letter or Cournoyer’s guilty plea stocked with millions in drug dollars, the sentence wasn’t all that bad: 27 years in prison. If he serves that sentence in Canada, he will be out in seven years. That is a nice deal for the head of an international drug organization that smuggled copious amounts of marijuana, cocaine, and ecstasy to the United States and is linked to just about every notorious criminal group in the world.

As part of his sentence, Cournoyer agreed to a $1 billion forfeiture money judgment and will forfeit $10,871,120 in narcotics proceeds that federal agents seized from multiple locations in New York, California, Pennsylvania, and Kansas during the multi-year investigation.

Always the money. It can make the difference between doing hard time in prison for as long as you live or serving ten years in a country club.

After Cournoyer’s imprisonment, United States Attorney Lynch said, “Jimmy Cournoyer used Native American Reservations to violate the security of our national borders and smuggled more than $1 billion worth of deadly narcotics and firearms between the United States, Canada and Mexico. His territory - all of North America. His goal - to extend the deadly narcotics trade as far as he could and eliminate those who might think of assisting law enforcement.”

DEA Special Agent-in-Charge Crowell stated, “This organization consisted of a den of thieves ranging from the Rizutto and Bonanno crime families, to the Hells Angels and the Sinaloa Cartel. The organization operated across all of North America. This investigation’s success is the result of our federal, state, local and international law enforcement partnership targeting these organized crime syndicates, Mexican cartels, the Hells Angels, along with a $2 million ‘hit fund’ to deter witness cooperation.”

While the players and bosses may change, the game remains the same. Whether the American Mafia controls the pipeline or a French-Canadian kid in his thirties does, in the end the dope gets delivered to junkies throughout the United States. Where there is demand, there will be supply.
Will the next Jimmy Cournoyer please stand up?